✨AQUARIUS✨ – ‘EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH. HEAVY READING!!’ – ‘He Said/She Said’ Game – March 2021

✨AQUARIUS✨ - 'EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH. HEAVY READING!!' - 'He Said/She Said' Game - March 2021

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Are Fortune Tellers Real? Discover the Truth About Fortune Telling (No More Stereotypes)

Are fortune tellers accurate, or are they for entertainment purposes only? Why would one want to see a fortune teller, and what sort of information are they able to provide? And what about the fortune telling stereotype? Does it really reflect the true nature of fortune telling… or is it a “bad rap” that’s NOT deserved? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at fortune telling, and I’m going to give you some HONEST answers that two decades of psychic research have afforded me as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Astronomy Is a Great Hobby!

2021 PROPHECY Comes True 2 A.M. Tonight-Learn More

Ever looked out the window at night and find yourself staring at the universe, wondering what is up there? This has been a very common question among human beings since the dawn of time, since civilization first existed. From the Nubian Monuments to the Egyptian Monuments and Stonehenge, these are archaeological proof from the past that astronomical studies have been a common interest amongst mankind throughout the ages. Astronomy essentially is the science of studying objects and phenomena in space, i.e. anything outside the earth’s atmosphere.

March 2012 Horoscopes

Are you ready for a new adventure, Aries? This month brings you an amazing opportunity to begin anew; it’s as if you have opened a new chapter in your ‘Book of Life’. And, the pages read like an exciting thriller – action packed and filled with opportunities.

How to Remember Your Past Lives Without Hypnosis (And The Reason Why Regression Is Unreliable)

I know I’m in the minority here in the “new age” universe, but I don’t think that that past life regression is all that optimal for uncovering past life memories. Yes, I know it’s probably the most popular (and expensive) method, and that it’s the sort of thing that makes the day time talk shows MUCH more interesting. But in general, hypnosis has been proven to be a poor tool for all sorts of other things, and that “false memories” are a very realistic possibility whenever someone opens up their subconscious to suggestion.

Ophiuchus – The New Astrological Sign

As the 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus will influence the life and personality traits of the people born between November 29 – December 18. Though, the new sun sign has been discovered, not much information is available on it. According to the grapevine, Ophiuchus will symbolize a man holding a snake in his hand.

Past Lives, Karma and Coming Back: What Do Mediums Say About The Afterlife (No Bull)

Not all mediums agree. As a matter of fact, as shocking as some may find it…many psychics, mediums and afterlife researchers completely contradict each other. Some believe reincarnation is a well established fact. Others believe it’s a fabricated fiction that’s more new age nonsense than accurate spiritual wisdom.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

All Birthstones by Month: Do You Know Yours?

Birthstones have been worn for thousands of years, and for many different reasons. For some, wearing jewels is a symbol of social status or wealth; for others, to cure an ailment or ward off evil…

What Is Your Luck Cycle In 2012, Based On Your Horoscope?

The Water Dragon year starts officially on 4th February at 1838 hours. What does this year have in store for you? Discover it all in this article…

Birth Chart Astrology: Uranus ‘ The Awakener’

Uranus is one of three outer planets, which is of higher mind of active creative intelligence. A planet of individuality it urges us to express our own brand of uniqueness. Looking at from the collective, personality and from the Birth Chart, I hope to have captured its essence and meaning.

Transcending Limitation: Walking The Highest Path

Modern science has advanced to where it now can comprehend and show that we are all the exact same energy expressed in various forms. This confirms what consciousness scientists of the past have documented thousands of years ago: we are all unique aspects of the SAME source, which makes us all EQUAL to one another. In fact, it makes us one in the same. Rather than viewing each other as separate, its time to embrace the concept that we are all one.

Aquarius Goddess Reveals Her Plans

What a jubilant month this has been since the Aquarius Goddess took over from the Aquarius Emperor. It took longer than usual, as the Aquarius Emperor had been fully overshadowing all the zodiac signs since striking his rod into Table Mountain in South Africa in 1994 commencing the Aquarian Age.

Explore Your Past Lives: How Remembering You’ve Lived Before Can Change Your Life Forever

Past life research REALLY gets a bad rap! I say that a bit tongue in cheek of course… but if you look at most of the mainstream media coverage of past life exploration it’s usually some “crazy” looking person saying something inane into a camera that makes us ALL shake our heads with disbelief. The truth is, for those of us who are fascinated with past life readings, regressions and even visualizing exercises, the benefits associated with past life recall are HUGE.

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