💌CANCER 💌 A Message From Spirit #Shorts

💌CANCER 💌 A Message From Spirit #Shorts

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The Snake Charmers – Part 2 – Psychics, Mediums, and Other Liars

Psychics and Mediums, are some of the most notable liars in this society today. We see them on television, in the newspapers, internet and on radio. Deceivers all, some are even lieing to themselves thinking that they really are Psychics.

Intuitive Energy Insights: Portrait of a Psychic / Intuitive

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Many people ask me how I started doing this work. What is it like to be psychic / intuitive? How do I sense things, how do I read others, how do I ‘know’? In this article I share my story, my beginnings, my trials and my tribulations.

How do You Know If You Have Psychic Ability?

Everyone can read the Tarot. Find out about one man’s journey from a left brained techincal nerd to a full time Psychic reader. Red this article and see how anyone cna develop their psychic ability – they just need to start.

Psychic Angels

Are you looking for a way to improve your accuracy as a psychic? Maybe you’re just thinking it would be kind of cool if you could ‘know’ things before they happen. Call on the spirits to help you. …

How a Blind Date Can Increase Your Psychic Abilities

So how can a blind date increase your psychic abilities? It’s probably not what you’re thinking. We’re not talking about having a few drinks with someone you’ve never met before. We’re talking about …

How Psychic Are You?

If you have won the lottery, you are either very lucky, or very psychic! People who are psychic often feel nauseous or a pain in the center of the forehead or at the top of the head if they are near a place where spirits hang out. Psychics are thought to be hosts for ancestral spirits. If you come from a long line of diviners, readers or prophetic people than chances are that you are capable of developing the same abilities. If you have dreams that come true, then it can be said that you are blessed with the gift of prophecy.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Beware of Psychic Vampires

I am often asked how I stay happy and motivated all the time. The answer has two parts to it; positivity and self-talk. Many years ago I had a colleague who was forever complaining about everything a…

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