🥳 Party time 🥳 25 April 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

🥳 Party time 🥳 25 April 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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Palmistry Readings

Palmistry is also known as chiromancy, and palm reading, and chirology. This is where someone looks at the palm of another individual in order to gain information that will help them to foretell the future of that other individual.

Aura Readings

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Every person is considered to have an aura. This is supposed to be the field of energy that surrounds you. Your aura can be be seen in colours.

CAUTION! 2 Types of Psychic Websites That Will Steal Your Money (Buyer Beware)

In my years and years as a psychic and paranormal publisher, I’ve written about, researched and explored hundreds (if not thousands) of psychic websites, blogs, videos, newsletters, forums and just about every type of community site you can imagine. I’ve had plenty of incredible, life changing experiences along the way. I’ve also had plenty of dubious, doubtful and disappointing experiences as well. But there have been very few times where the experiences have been so bad that I’ve felt that someone had “almost” literally stolen my money.

3 Reasons To Call a Psychic Hotline (And The BIGGEST Reason Not To As Well)

Let’s talk about a few good reasons to call a psychic hotline or phone service. The truth is, whether you believe in psychic abilities or not, psychic hotlines are one of the more controversial methods for getting psychic advice and input. Why? Because even people who are hard core psychic “junkies” like me, can have a negative stereotype of what a psychic hotline really is.

The High Priestess Tarot Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Discussing the meaning of the High Priestess Tarot Card. This beautiful card is associated with Intuition, looking within for answers and feminine wisdom.

It’s All In The Mind

This could open up a huge debate, but here goes… Everything we experience is a product of mind! A bold statement, but one I fundamentally believe to be true. One key issue here…

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

What Is a Genuine Psychic Like? 3 Traits EVERY Real Psychic Will Have

Do all psychics and mediums share the same gifts? And if they all have the same skill, is the advice I should expect from each reading going to be the same? If not… what are the differences? How can I tell a real, authentic psychic or medium from someone who is just pretending, or making it up, or is still learning on the “job”? Let me share with you the one consistent truism I’ve encountered in 2 decades of writing, researching and exploring psychic phenomena, both personally and professionally alike.

Warning! 3 Signs a Psychic Is NOT Trustworthy (Don’t Call a Clairvoyant Unless They Have This)

What are the signs a psychic should not be trusted? How do fake or pretend psychics and mediums give themselves away? What are the signs a psychic website or service is a scam? In this short article we are going to take a quick and easy look at 3 of the most common warning signs that a psychic may be pulling your leg…and the fastest way to validate that they’re worth trying anyway. Curious to know more? Let’s take a quick look below!

Are Psychics Helpful?

How helpful are psychic readings? Can a psychic or clairvoyant really give me advice I can use? What is the BIGGEST benefit to seeing a psychic in the first place? And why do so many skeptics mock people who believe psychic abilities as well? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe are the most important reasons to see a psychic, and understand how to actually use the information you get from a reading in a helpful, positive way as well. Curious? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

How Psychic Am I? (And The Bizarre Truth About Becoming Psychic You Must Not Miss)

I’m going to start this with a strange confession: I used to be a total skeptic about psychic abilities. I used to believe that everyone who thought they were psychic was simply naive, or seeking attention, or simply wasn’t smart enough to realize that coincidence, or luck, or mere chance was responsible for ALL experiences that were seemingly paranormal. That was of course, until I had my first amazing experience with a psychic medium who totally changed my life.

What Can a Psychic Tell Me?

What kind of information can a psychic tell me? Can they really predict my future, or see my past, or is that silly new age nonsense? Do all psychic readings work the same way, or do some psychics see different information from others? Any of these questions sound familiar? If so……continue reading as we take a closer look at some common psychic FAQ’s (and some honest answers) immediately below! What can a psychic tell me?

What You Can Expect From A Free Psychic Reading

Alternative health options are increasing quickly in this day and age. This includes not only holistic health practitioners and nutrition consultants but also new age professionals like meditation healers and even psychics.

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