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Psychic Perception and Psychic Prison

Perception is the psychic’s main tool. Perception isn’t just how we see things, but also how we make them be. Several examples: A key is just an oddly shaped piece of metal unless you know it can be used to open a lock. Fruit becomes food after you realize it’s edible. Color isn’t color until the brain makes it be.

Psychic Male and Female

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In contrast to men, for women spiritual progress is in some ways a group effort. Receiving and sharing feelings are the main tool of psychic females. A holistic approach which combines self-reflection, emotional validation, and social well-being are valued.

Psychic Light and Psychic Fire

‘Light’ as a concept is often associated with clarity of consciousness. Psychic light might refer to a number of things, but one of the most stereotypical is the experience when the proverbial light bulb turns on in your head. If your psyche is full of light, then you are an ‘enlightened’ and ‘illuminated’ person – not only have you seen the light, but you are also able to share that experience with others to a degree.

Accurate Psychic Readings – The #1 Fact About Online Psychics You MUST Not Miss at Any Cost

Who else is looking for a serious, entertaining but ACCURATE psychic reading? If you are anything like many of the people who enjoy our articles and comment on our content, the simple truth is that your biggest disappointment when getting a reading online…

Psychic For Real? ATTENTION! 3 Ultra Sweet Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading Online!

Are psychic readings for real? Are there really people who are SO incredibly special and gifted, that they can truly SEE your future before it even happens? If you listen to many of the famous psychics and mediums (and even many of the scientists who study them) the answer is a resounding YES!

Celtic Cross Tarot

Reading the future with tarot cards can be complicated. With so many decks holding different significance for many people it can be difficult to decipher their meanings. What makes readings clearer is the way cards are spread out. Among the various readings is the Celtic cross configuration. This is perhaps one of the most common and popular readings.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Accurate Psychic Readings – 2 Ultra Easy Tips For Getting a Real Psychic Reading You Won’t Forget!

In this article we are going to take a quick look at how to get an accurate psychic reading each and every time you call or visit a psychic. Why? Well, if you are anything like most of the people who enjoy our articles and comment on our content, one of the biggest concerns you have before calling a psychic is the QUALITY of the reading you are about to get, right? It’s true…and no matter how many readings you have had, all of us STILL worry a wee bit about how accurate the person who is offering their services truly is.

Mind Reading Tricks to Amaze

If you’ve been to after-work parties or cocktail gatherings, the sight of a person amazing the rest of the crowd with mind reading tricks shouldn’t be unusual to you. It’s entertaining, it catches the awe of the crowd, and it becomes an opportunity for the party to be more fun and longer.

How a Psychic Can Change Your Life

In this day and age, life is unpredictable. Relationships seems disposable, the economy is unstable, and it seems as though the simple life is now gone. We can sit for days and wonder what tomorrow may bring. Well, what if you had a special friend who had the inside scoop on the future? Today, this is a reality for many.

What Kind of Questions to Ask During a Psychic Reading?

Have you ever wondered about some of the more general questions to ask a psychic when in consultation with an intuitive? If you are new to psychic readings and would like a bit of a heads up on some questions that may benefit you during a psychic consultation session then we’ve come up with a good general list for you here.

WARNING – Avoid Phony Psychics! (Do NOT Make These Fatal Mistakes When Phoning a “Psychic”)

Okay… let’s talk about fake, phony and fraudulent psychics for a few minutes. Are you afraid of getting duped, dumped on or simply disappointed by a phony psychic reading? If you are… the simple truth is that you are NOT alone!

Types of Psychic Readings – 4 Psychic Skills You MUST Not Miss If You Need a Psychic Reading

In this article we are going to talk about the different types of psychic readings available. Why is this important to discuss? Well, the simple truth is that there are so many different types of readings which are available, and often people have no real idea what they NEED, rather than think they want. Many different intuitives have different strengths, and it’s important to make sure you get a “match” with your particular wants and desires before you begin.

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