A Soulmate’s Dark Past ❤ Collective Message For All Zodiac #shorts

A Soulmate's Dark Past ❤ Collective Message For All Zodiac #shorts

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Looking for an Authentic Psychic Advisor?

Because of the global financial crisis, and the stress that this causes in people’s lives,more and more people feel the need for a psychic advisor. It is tempting to seek the advice of a genuine psychic,who can tell you whether you will get that new job, or if you are starting your own business, whether there will be a sufficient demand for your products and services. Or, if you’re finances are okay, then you may wish you had a real psychic advisor to tell you if the person you just met is your true soul mate.

Real Psychic Readings and the Clairvoyant Reader

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Real Psychic Readings and the Clairvoyant Reader that you get them from are going to be vastly different than what you are used to if you have been getting your readings from the Psychic Phone lines, Tarot Card Readings or Astrology Charts and Readings. The Psychic Clairvoyant is more of a medium using ESP.

Ask a Psychic: What Is The Afterlife Like? (And the SHOCKING Truth Many Don’t Want to Believe)

What is the afterlife like? Is it scary? Does it resemble the heaven we’re all taught to believe is real? Are different religious groups separated by what they believed in life….or does everyone go to the same place? And what about people who do BAD things in this life? Are they punished in the afterlife… and if so, HOW? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what many psychic mediums believe the afterlife is like through direct experience with those who “live” there, and take a closer look at some common misconceptions as well. Curious? Continue reading and we’ll take a closer look below!

PROOF? How Can a Psychic Reading Prove That Past Lives Are REAL (and Not My Imagination)?

Can a psychic reading really give you evidence or proof that past lives are real? How do I know that I’m not NUTS, or that I’m just experiencing weird childhood memories, or things “stuck” deep down in my brain? How effective are past life readings done through hypnosis?

Affirmations, Spells and Magic

From time to time I get asked some very interesting questions and I thought I’d share this one with you all. Here’s the Question: Hello. Apart from Affirmations, please give me a good spiriitual method I can use (which has immediate effect) to attract things into my life.

Help! What Should I Ask a Psychic Medium?

Do you have butterflies about talking to a psychic medium? Believe it or not, being nervous before speaking to a medium is very, very common. There is an energy, and an expectancy about what may or may not happen during the reading that can actually be pretty overwhelming… and in a good way. (but can still “jangle” your nerves either way) I remember going to see John Edward a few months ago in small private group setting.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Phone Mediumship

Phone mediumship, like face to face sessions, is designed to enable communication between the living and the realm of spirits. For the individual seeking contact with a lost one who has passed away, phone mediumship can be even more special than a face to face reading, because they can remain within the comfort of their own home. This not only adds a sense of security and privacy, it allows the seeking person to be totally relaxed and without the inhibitions often experienced when face to face with a person they do not know terribly well.

Genuine Mediumship

Genuine mediumship is a process during which communication between the world of the living and the spirit realm is facilitated by a medium, or channel. As a rule, this communication will consist of loved ones who have passed away convey messages, often simply in the shape of feelings or emotions, to reassure their living loved ones that they are well and happy.   There are some ways in which to determine whether mediumship is genuine or not.

Medium Reading Techniques

A medium is a person who is able to communicate with spirits and those who have passed on into the spirit realm. Each individual reader will use a different way of communicating with the inhabitants of this realm.

How Psychic Abilities Work With Readings

Psychic abilities and art are used to show people messages conveyed from those who have passed on into the spirit realm. These abilities are present in most people, but the majority of individuals are not able to use them to their full potential. For the majority of people, the world around them is perceived through their five senses, and anything they can not touch, see, hear, taste or smell is regarded as non-existent.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a practice performed in all cultures, traditions and faiths. While the belief systems surrounding spiritual healing may vary, they all have some connection with the Divine or Spiritual – which brings about restoration and healing – in common.

Spiritual Experience

Your spiritual experience is truly yours. There is no need to dogmatise it, fit it into some pre-existing regime. There is no need to explain it with pseud-science or ‘evidence’.

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Everything You Need To Run Your Online Business For Free - Get Your Free Lifetime Account Now