ALL SIGNS Tarot Reading: What’s Holding You Back (and how to move forward) TIMECODED

ALL SIGNS Tarot Reading: What's Holding You Back (and how to move forward) TIMECODED

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Welcome to your personalized ALL SIGNS Tarot Reading, where we unravel the mysteries of what’s holding you back and guide you on the path towards moving forward. In this timecoded blog post, we will explore the hidden forces that may be hindering your progress and provide empowering insights to help you break free from these limitations. So, grab your Tarot deck and get ready to embark on a transformative journey as we dive deep into the wisdom of the cards. Let’s uncover the secrets that will unlock your potential and unleash a brighter future for you.


In this captivating video created by Soulful Revolution, you will delve into the powerful numerological energy of Lionsgate, which is set to occur on August 8th. Lionsgate is a moment of explosive growth and an opportunity to take action on your intentions. By anchoring your desires and clearing any blocks, you can tap into this energy and propel yourself forward. Let’s explore what this video has to offer and how it can help you overcome your limitations and embrace a more fulfilling path.

Lionsgate: The Time for Explosive Growth

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As the energy of Lionsgate approaches, it brings with it a surge of transformative power. This celestial event is a time where the universe aligns to support our growth and evolution. It acts as a portal, amplifying our intentions and magnifying the impact of our actions. Whether you’re seeking personal development, professional success, or spiritual enlightenment, this is the ideal time to make significant strides towards your goals.

Anchoring Intentions and Clearing Blocks Workshop

Soulful Revolution offers a comprehensive workshop on anchoring intentions and clearing blocks specifically designed for the Lionsgate energy. This workshop provides valuable insights and tools to help you navigate any obstacles and limitations that may be holding you back. By participating in this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to align your intentions with the powerful energies of Lionsgate and clear any blockages that may be impeding your progress.

Leo’s Block: Self-Confidence

For individuals born under the sign of Leo, one common block that may hinder their progress is self-confidence. Leo’s natural charisma and leadership abilities are often overshadowed by self-doubt and a lack of belief in their own capabilities. However, during Lionsgate, Leo has the opportunity to overcome this block and embrace their full potential.

Overcoming the Self-Confidence Block through Meditation and Mindset Shift

To overcome the self-confidence block, Leo individuals are encouraged to engage in daily meditation practices. Meditation helps in quieting the mind, cultivating self-awareness, and connecting to the divine within. By incorporating meditation into their daily routine, Leo can cultivate greater self-confidence and tap into their innate strengths.

Additionally, Leo’s should consider reevaluating their mindset. Shifting from a mindset of self-doubt to one of self-belief can make a significant difference in their ability to move forward. Affirmations, positive self-talk, and surrounding themselves with supportive people can greatly contribute to shifting their mindset and empowering them to embrace their authenticity.

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Making a Solid Decision to Move Forward

During Lionsgate, Leo’s are encouraged to make a solid decision to move forward on their path. This decision involves committing to their goals and taking inspired action towards their aspirations. By making a resolute choice and persistently taking steps forward, Leo’s can leave behind their self-doubt and fully step into their power.

Lionsgate: Time for All Signs to Connect with their Ideas and Step into their Power

While we’ve explored the specific block faced by Leo individuals, it’s important to remember that Lionsgate is a time for people of all signs to connect with their ideas and step into their power. Regardless of your zodiac sign, this powerful energy can propel you towards your goals and aspirations. It’s an opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom, embrace your creativity, and make significant strides on your journey.

Join the Soulful Revolution Community

For more information on Lionsgate and to connect with like-minded individuals, we invite you to join the Soulful Revolution community on social media. Through these platforms, you can find valuable resources, engage in discussions, and learn from the experiences of others. Together, we can support each other’s growth and transformation during this powerful time of spiritual expansion.

Personal Readings and Online Caution

While exploring the realm of spirituality and personal growth, it’s crucial to exercise caution when it comes to personal readings. Soulful Revolution does not offer personal readings, and it’s essential to be wary of individuals online who claim to provide these services. It’s important to research and ensure credibility before engaging with any spiritual or personal growth practitioner online.


In conclusion, the Lionsgate energy is a potent force that can bring about explosive growth and transformation in our lives. Through the guidance offered by Soulful Revolution’s video, we can gain valuable insights and tools to anchor our intentions, clear our blocks, and move forward towards our aspirations. By embracing this energy, all signs can step into their power, connect with their ideas, and unleash their true potential. Join the Soulful Revolution community, avoid online scams, and embark on a journey of self-discovery during this magical time.


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