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Palm Reading is Used in Varied Forms Around the World

The practice of palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is found throughout the world. There are a number of cultural variations that all seek to basically achieve the same purpose. Essentially, it is a method to evaluate certain character traits and present circumstances, as well as to give insight regarding the probability of future events.

Numerology is a System With Ancient Roots

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Numerology is a study of numbers, in an occult manner, said to reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies. Certain numerical values are seen as a connected part of the overall cosmic plan. It is based primarily on traditions or beliefs that numbers can express relationships between various physical objects and certain living beings.

Astral Projection For Beginners – Where Do You Start?

So, you want to learn to have an out of body experience? Many people have heard about the exciting adventures that are to be had when you leave your body. Not only can you fly around the physical world, but you can explore outer space and the astral planes, and experience things that are literally a world apart from the mundane events of everyday life. The question is, where do you begin?

Phone Psychic Readings – Are They Fact Or Fiction? (Learn the Truth)

Are phone psychic readings real….or are they just entertainment? Can you really get authentic psychic intuition, guidance and expert advice from a phone psychic…..or are they NOT to be trusted at all?

Why Use Brainwave Entrainment For Psychic Development?

Would you like to become psychic? Contrary to what most people seem to think, psychic powers do exist, and they’re not the preserve of a privileged few. Rather, everybody is born with psychic potential, which can be developed by those who have the desire and are willing to put in the effort. In this article we’ll take a look at one powerful way of doing this.

3 Astral Projection Techniques – How to Have an Out of Body Experience

There are many astral projection techniques out there, with hundreds of books and websites devoted to this popular topic. In fact, if you just wanting to learn to have an out of body experience, the choice of methods can seem overwhelming. Fortunately you don’t have to master them all, although you may have to experiment a bit to find one which works best for you.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Psychic Development – Entering the Psychic Trance

When in a trance, objective thinking becomes difficult. To some degree, the unconscious mind has taken over. The unconscious mind is the gateway to the spiritual plane. Trance like states enable the ego to temporarily shut down. The mind’s thought process slows and free association is readily available.

Free Tarot Guide – How to Read Tarot Cards

The most common concern when approaching the Tarot as a beginner is learning to interpret the Tarot card meanings. Most people tend to feel that this can be a daunting and overwhelming process. It doesn’t have to be. Learning the Tarot is a personal journey. Their Tarot card meanings can be as personal as you wish to make them.

Tarot Reading – Using the Tarot For Meditation

Tarot cards serve many functions. One of the most useful is their ability to help us focus or meditate. There are many types of meditation methodologies and Tarot cards certainly can be useful for many of these practices. Not only can they enable one to focus on specific life lessons or intentions, meditations with the Tarot can certainly help you develop a richer relationship to your Tarot cards.

Psychics Can Be Good Or Very Bad – Find Out How You Can Find the Good Ones

If you are interested in finding the best among many psychics then the online world is a great place to start your search. There are in fact quite a few websites created by such people where you can find a variety of services being offered that you can pick and choose from. In order to deal only with the best of them, you need to compare their services and prices and then pick one that suits your needs the best.

How to Choose the Best Psychics

Locating reliable psychics is not always an easy task. As the number of people claiming psychic powers are multiplying on a continual basis it can be difficult to understand who can actually give you a meaningful reading and who will simply make your hard earned money disappear.

Divination Techniques – How to Predict the Future

If you are interested in foretelling the future, you must first research the many different divination techniques that have been developed through the years. Of course, you must first begin your journey into the unknown by selecting a divination technique that matches your personal preferences. Once you have found a divination technique that is suitable to your personality and current situation, you are ready to start foretelling the immediate and the distant future.

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