AQUARIUS – BONUS Reading May 2021 :)

AQUARIUS - BONUS Reading May 2021 :)

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Authentic Psychic Readings – How Do You Know If You’re Getting One?

I had a new client come to me the other day in tears. She had gone to another psychic and gotten such a bad reading. She was scared and mad too. I understood how she felt. I know how a bad reading can echo around inside your head, even when you know it’s not true. I immediately went to work on soothing her first and then giving her the information that she was seeking.

The Major Arcana of the Tarot

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Not many people realise that the term ‘Major Arcana’ is relatively new. Most think that Tarot always had a Major and Minor Arcana, and that the images have been the same for eternity, but this is not the case.

The History Of Astrology In The Western World

Astrology is something that has been around for thousands of years, and it is a subject that captures the imagination of millions of people around the world on a daily basis. It does have its roots in various areas of the world, and this is why there are distinct traditions on different continents. One of the most popular is what is known as western astrology, and this is what people in Europe and North America really read about with their star signs.

The Full Moon and Spring Equinox Of 2011

The Spring Equinox is about to arrive and just before it does, the March Full Moon occurs on the 19th of the month, making this a very auspicious day for ritual work. Note: A day of fasting is always a good idea before beginning any type of ritual. Begin with a Druidic Rite of Moon Wash.

Astral Projection Frequencies: Cleanse Your Healing Stones

Healing stones or isochronic crystals can greatly assist your astral projection experiences. You need to clean and reset your healing stones with the correct astral projection frequencies.

Psychics Job: How To Begin Your Psychic Reader Career

If you are thinking about how to get a psychics job and where to start to begin your psychic career here are some pointers for you. I know it can be confusing in the beginning and you have so many questions. It is not rocket science and there are clear steps to follow. Here we view the clairvoyant career challenge as someone who wants to work for themselves rather than go and take on a job for a large psychic online company.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Email Readings: Advantages Of a Psychic Webmail Reading

Email readings are an alternative to psychic phone chat and calling a clairvoyant on the telephone. As useful and informative as phone calls are there is another way to obtain psychic input and a webmail reading does have its advantages.

Bringing the Dragon’s Voice to Life

Ancient Druid tradition speaks of bringing the dragon’s voice to life. This ritual is based on many other ancient tales of entering a cave (darkness) to fight the dragon, setting his voice to life. Other tales of this nature include Persephone, Amduat and Odysseus. Many cultures developed rituals whereby citizens entered into caves, pyramids, and other structures like The Grange for initiations, spiritual growth, healing and divination.

New Moon Psychic Energy Reading For March 2011

There is much talk about the truth coming to the forefront and so much of what is happening is not necessarily being shared. All well and good if you choose to look deeper than what you are being told via the main sources of information-still is important to make sure that you buy into only what you would like your life to be.

10 Classic Compositions to Uplift and Empower Your Ritual Work

Centuries ago, composers were more aware of sacred geometry and its relationship to music. Their classical studies included studying Pythagoras and his theorems and basing their composition on these spiritual ideas. They weren’t the only artists to create inspiring and uplifting music, however. By utilizing musical pieces by great composers, you can add power and energy to your ritual. They provide high, directed energy that can be dedicated in any way you choose through intention and work.

Are Psychic Readings Therapeutic? (My Personal Feelings on Love, Loss and Psychic Information)

Are psychic readings good therapy? Can seeing a psychic, or intuitive, or emotional empath actually make you FEEL better about things going wrong in your life? Can a reading actually help you solve problems, overcome obstacles or even be a good substitute for OTHER traditional means of therapy? In this article I’m going to share with you MY personal feeling, after 20 years of research and experience with psychics of all types and stripes, and the unusual way I used psychic information to heal my own grief in times of need.

Psychic Powers: Your Key To Success

Think for a moment what it would be like to have psychic powers that allowed you to always make the right decisions in life. This article looks at a simple way to activate your abilities and use them to help you in every aspect of your life.

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