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Real Psychic Readings – 2 Myths Many People Believe About Psychics That are Not True

Are you looking for a real psychic reading? Not sure how to separate the fact….from the fiction when hunting for a legitimate psychic? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at a few of the common myths many people believe when it comes to psychics, and see if we can’t enlighten a few people as to the TRUE nature of psychic abilities, insight and illumination!

Edgar Cayce – His “Other Category” Prophecy

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He never asked nor tried to be a psychic. But for more than 40 years, his gift of being able to see beyond has helped mankind, especially those who are sick and beyond cure. Aside from primarily using his ability to look at the cure of rare illnesses, he also revealed a great amount of information on different topics such as health, dreams, meditation, religions, and reincarnation, among the few. It was the information that Cayce revealed about the future which he is probably most known for.

Phony Psychics? BEWARE! 2 Ways to Instantly Tell if a Psychic is a Phony (No Bull)!

Are all psychics the genuine article… or are some just playing “pretend?” Are there easy ways to differentiate the frauds and fakes from the real thing? And if there is, what signs should I look for to do it? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at how to spot a phony psychic… and what to do, when you do! Care to know more? Great… continue reading as we take a closer look below!

ESP and Psychic Ability

If you thought being psychic or having some special natural power was scary then it is time you thought again. There are studies that go to prove that it is quite possible.

My Natal Horoscope

All the living creatures on earth were born and live their lives under the influence of the planets and stars in our solar system. Human being is affected the most. There is a science that studies and records the activities of human lives for generations and keeps statistics that can be formed as a path of life. This science is called “Astrology”.

Decide Whether or Not to Decide on Chandrashtama Days!

According to Hindu Vedic Astrology, the following are the nine planets taken into consideration while determining the future of human beings. They are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Raghu and Ketu. Out of this, Raghu and Ketu are not real planets but imaginary points where the Moon cross the earth’s orbit around the Sun. The Moon is the Karaka or Owner of Mood and Emotions.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Is She Psychic?

It’s not always easy being a psychic reader. To begin with, some folks have the impression that it’s an odd profession. My mother would tell me to “get a real job.” Truth be told that although there are reasons that being psychic isn’t always that easy, it is a wonderful gift to possess because you help so many have hope, expand their horizons and be at peace in spirit.

The Real Life Sixth Sense

What is sixth sense? Do people believe it? Do they have it? Find out all the answers by reading real life stories.

Psychic Readings As Hidden Keys to Success in Life

What if you could know your future? Do you think this could give you an advantage in your life over your success, goals, finances and even relationships? It isn’t as far-fetched as it may sound.

Real Love Psychics – New Relationship? Why I Always Ask For Love Psychic Advice Right Away

Are you in a new relationship? Have you asked your friends or family what they think of him? How about your co-workers? If you are anything like the millions of women potentially reading this right now…the truth is you probably have. Women love to get the advice of their friends and family when it comes to every new relationship, and I used to do the very same thing.

Valuable Tips on Choosing the Right Psychic

There are many things you have to consider when choosing a psychic advisor to do business with. The first and main thing you should look for is credibility. Credibility is the main factor when considering a psychic advisor because anybody can claim to be a psychic but not all have integrity.

Understanding the Art of Fortune Telling

Have your fortune read lately? If so, you are not alone. There are million people around the world who arduously believe in the art of fortune telling since the ancient time. From the beginning of mankind, man has searched for salvation.

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