AQUARIUS MID APRIL 2021 – “Delays”

AQUARIUS MID APRIL 2021 - "Delays"

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How Do I Use The Law of Attraction To Manifest Love? (And The Spiritual Secret to Doing It Right)

Can the law of attraction be used to fall in love? Can it help me attract the ideal person?

How to Become a Law of Attraction Karma Coach (Turn Your PASSION Into Profit)

Do you love astrology, spirituality and the idea that the UNIVERSE wants us all to succeed? Imagine what it would be like to turn your love of spirituality and your passion for helping people find their purpose, into a fun, profitable and lucrative business that allowed you fulfill your OWN divine destiny as well? The truth is, teaching other people how to manifest, or how to attract the life they love is not only incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, it’s actually the BEST way to practice what you preach on a daily basis to boot…

Jupiter Into Cancer – June 26th – How Will Your Luck Change?

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Jupiter goes into Cancer at the end of this month and on that same date Mercury goes retrograde until July 20th. We may see things back-pedalling, decisions being reversed, stocks and commodities going much higher or much lower. When Mercury goes direct, expect to see a complete change in direction again. Every 12 years, Jupiter changes sign so if you have Jupiter in Cancer in your natal chart, you are coming up for a Jupiter return and the beginning of a new 12 year cycle. It’s usually a time of learning, new opportunities, chance encounters and a great time to take risks and move out of your comfort zone.

Who Were You in a Past Life? (This May Change Your Mind)

Have you lived before? If you have… who were you? Actually, come to think of it, who are you NOW? If past lives are real, the logical conclusion is, future lives are true, too… meaning that the face you see in the mirror every morning is not only NOT who you used to be, it’s also not who you are going to be in 100 years, or 10 lifetimes from now, or forever more as well.

Past Life Test: How to Tell If You’ve Lived Before Through a Past Life Memory Quiz (5 Signs)

Who else would love to explore their past lives? Have you ever considered getting a psychic reading for identifying your past lives? Maybe you’ve spent some time reading about past lives online.

How to Remove Bad Karma (The Real Spiritual “Success” Secret Everyone Ought to Know)

Who else is sick and tired of feeling stuck, under appreciated and victimized by the people in your life? Do you often wonder if you’ve been saddled with some sort of spiritual baggage or bad karma that you find impossible to overcome? If that sounds like you.

Importance of Gulika (Mandi) in a Horoscope

Gulika, which is also known as Mandi is the son of Planet Saturn. Though it is a sub-planet it has great influence in a horoscope. Gulika is said to be SARVA HANTHARE (destroyer of all).

The Month of Cancer, 2013

ALIGN WITH FEELING IN YOUR SOLSTICE SOUL! The cardinal leadership sign of Cancer is here as another season begins upon the Solstice. Summer enters with The Crab, asking for the collective request to be reflective, insightful, and in touch with nurturing our emotions. As Mercury will soon be retrograding here, it is also time to review our truest sense of metamorphosis by recognizing our desires and feelings within our mothering instincts and shifting from the ego for ultimate success.

Astrology and Horoscopes – Our Characters Defined?

Astrology is a complicated subject and, after their immediate future, I find people are most interested in astrological influences on character. What kind of people are Taureans, Aquarians etc. This article discusses in very broad terms what one might expect from an acquaintance of a particular star sign.

Past Lives, Karma and Getting Astrologically Unstuck – This Spiritual Secret Changes Everything

Who else finds themselves in a perpetual place of feeling stuck, blocked, challenged or overcome with obstacles? Do you find that the people in your life are holding you back? Maybe you have recurring relationship problems with the same people.

Elaborate Effects of Gemstones on Our Well Being

People are fond of wearing colorful gemstones for ornamentation purposes, but gems also have a detailed and significant impact on our existence. They can be used as a talisman to ward off evil, and are also known to be possessed with healing and medicinal capabilities. In many ancient scriptures from around the world, gems are cited to have a definitive effect on our fate and destiny.

Who Was I in My Past Life?

Ever wondered if you’ve lived before? Have you had experiences that have made you wonder if past lives were even possible? As someone who has helped thousands of people re-connect with their karma and remember their past lives for the purpose of overcoming CURRENT challenges, I can honestly say I believe that all of us have.

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