Aquarius September 2021 ❤ Your Soulmate Will Take You By Surprise Aquarius

Aquarius September 2021 ❤ Your Soulmate Will Take You By Surprise Aquarius

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Pointers on How to Learn Mentalism

If you want to know how to learn mentalism, you will first have to know exactly what it is all about. Mentalism is not some special gift that people are born with but rather it is an art that is perfected like any other skill. It is no different than painting, sculpting, or excelling in a particular sport.

Questions About Psychics Finally Answered

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A fresh communication with one of the mystic readers exposed that there were some common questions that folk ask about the way in which they work. This mystic is a love and relationship expert working on a premium rate line and also has her very own personal clients.

Which Star Signs Are Compatible With Each Other?

The signs of the Zodiac can give us a great insight into our day to day living as well as the many talents and special qualities we possess. You can discover a great deal of relevant information about yourself through reading about your Zodiac sign.

A Few Tips on How to Do Mentalism

For the unfortunate few who may not know exactly what mentalism is, it is the art of precognition and mind reading. Basically, it is a way that you can tell everything about a person and you can even tell them what they are going to do in the near future.

Psychic Phone Readings

Imagine you have access to a timeless source of wisdom and understanding and, whats even more, you would have simply to reach out and pick up your own phone in order to connect to that source. Could such a thing be at all possible in our busy modern World?

Want a Real Psychic Reading? The #1 Thing You MUST Do to Find an Authentic Psychic

Who else is looking for a real psychic reading? Are you sick and tired of the scams, the “free” readings, the outrageous ads and other nefarious nonsense and simply crave a real, down to earth, GENUINE psychic? If you said yes…you are NOT alone!

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

3 Ways to Use Rapport in Mind Reading & Mentalism Tricks

Having rapport with your audience is a must. I’ve laid out 3 ways you can use it to enhance your mind reading performance. What is rapport? Rapport is a relationship. A pleasant feeling of mutual trust, affinity and friendship established through verbal and non-verbal means.

Developing Self Awareness Through the Tarot (Part One)

It is probable that the Tarot was developed for spiritual reasons. Today, however, it is generally considered that the primary function of the Tarot is as a powerful tool to aid self awareness and development.

How to Do an Energetic Healing

I am so happy that I know the knowledge of healing with the divine. It brings me such joy to share with others and help them through transitional periods with my gift. The subject of this article is a description of how I do a energetic healing.

How Consulting a Tarot Reader Helps You

The Tarot is an excellent way of developing your intuition or getting the confidence to trust your intuition. You would ideally want to be in a position where your intuition automatically kicks in to give you the best picture of the situation instantaneously. You just get a feeling about something, if it is right or wrong, and you trust your intuition completely.

Pendulum Dowsing – A Great Way to Answer Personal Questions

The pendulum has been used for 1000’s of years as a divining tool and for pendulum dowsing. By holding the pendulum in your hand it uses the life force energy to create movement and move in a manner that will give you answers to unresolved questions.

What is an Archetype and Does it Really Have Any Relevance to the Tarot?

If you’ve heard the term archetype but never really understood it, you aren’t alone! Although archetypes are fundamental to the way our minds work, they’re not that easy to explain.

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