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Don’t Fall For These 12 Psychic Myths

We’ve encountered many myths about psychic readings over the years. It’s not surprising there’s so much misinformation and fiction related to metaphysical readings; sometimes the practitioners are to blame. Below are twelve psychic myths based on our over 30 years of experience with the subject.

Top Tips On Running Your Own Psychic Development Circle

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So you’d like to start running your own psychic development circle, group, or course of workshops in Psychic Development? Where do you start? Well, personally I think it’s really important to set some ground rules with everyone concerned, so here are mine.

Want To Contact A Recently Deceased Loved One?

Many people who have lost loved ones wish to communicate with them after death. But for some reason they don’t come through. Why is this? Maybe I can help.

The Relationship of A Psychic Development Student and Teacher

Do you know you have spiritual gifts but are unsure of how to develop them further? Consider a psychic development teacher and learn about the complexity of the relationship between psychic development student and teacher.

The Benefits of a Phone Psychic Reading – Burn Bright – Not Out

My Old Life, as I now call it, was complicated on every level. Spending most of my time and energy pleasing others, feeling I somehow had to prove myself. I was a busy Mum and a wife, carving out a career. I was a daughter, a sister and a good friend to many. All the while trying so hard to find that work/ life balance that had so far eluded me.

Grounding Your Energy

What Is Grounding? And How Do You Do It? Helen gives you the basics in this article.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Psychic Healing: The Curing Of Ailments Using Energy

Psychic healing is a very effective technique to improve the health standards. This is an ancient healing method in which energy flow is regulated in order to provide relief from various diseases.

Two Types of Tarot Readings

Tarot readings can be easily divided into two types. Know what kind of reading you are doing before you lay your first card.

How To Spot A Phony Psychic

Make sure you know how to spot a psychic scam artist. A phychic’s job is to advise. Beware of those who offer a lucky spell to fix your life or scare you into parting with your money.

Tarot Card Reading – The Fool

A deck of Tarot cards tells a new ‘story’ each time, for each reading and for each person. Every story begins with a zero, which signifies our Trust in our intuitions, decisions and the promise of the unknown future. Without a certain degree of trust, one is unable to begin afresh, with a clean and hopeful state of mind.

Ten Steps To Learning To Speak With Spirits

Many people get in touch to ask for a simple process for learning to speak with spirits. Even people who have a natural tendency to speak with spirits need some guidance on how to control and refine their skill. So if that’s you, these steps will be ideal for you too.

The Last Visitor

Carla’s family was prepared for their patriarch’s passing. Guy – short for Guiseppe – had been in the hospital’s palliative care wing for two weeks, and the family had a phone tree in place, so no one person would have to call all seven children.

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