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Aquarius, the enigmatic water bearer of the zodiac, is known for their originality and independence. While they tend to value their personal space and individuality, they also express and experience their emotions deeply. In this love tarot reading, discover why you may be feeling certain emotions and how to navigate the dynamics between you and your partner. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, gain valuable insights into the complexities of love that are unique to Aquarius. Are you ready to uncover the secrets of your heart and explore the depths of your emotional world? Let’s dive in. ❤️


If you’re an Aquarius and you’re currently seeking answers about your love life, you might want to check out this tarot reading video by Dana. Dana is a highly skilled tarot card reader, and her readings specialize in love connections. In this reading, Dana provides insights on your love connection with someone else. She focuses on the “you versus them” element in your unique situation.

Heading 1: The Aquarius Tarot Reading

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Dana’s tarot reading for Aquarius is all about navigating a love connection. Even though the reading centers on Aquarius and their connection with someone else, it’s ultimately about the individual and their current emotional state. The reading provides Aquarius with vital insights into their love life, giving them a better understanding of what they’re feeling and why.

Heading 2: Crowning Energy For Aquarius

The crowning energy is a card that represents the central theme of the reading. It tells Aquarius what they need to focus on, and in this tarot reading Dana reveals that the crowning energy for Aquarius is the card of empowerment, an incredibly apt card for this air sign. The card of empowerment symbolizes strength and liberating confidence. It’s exactly what Aquarius needs to feel at this moment, and Dana emphasizes that feeling empowered is vital for Aquarius to move forward.

Heading 3: The Connection

According to the reading, Aquarius is connecting with someone who has a vision for themselves, potentially in a creative or spiritual field. Aquarius and the other party are both individually focused on their goals, but there is still a strong emotional connection between them. In the tarot reading, Dana emphasizes that Aquarius may have made some changes in their life that led to some regret, but they were guided by a higher force to reach this point.

Heading 4: The Other Person

The other person in the connection is currently laser-focused on their vision and ready to move forward. However, they may be hyper-fixated on details which could be hindering their progress. This person may be perfectionistic or overly anxious about their work, which could cause some difficulties in the relationship. Dana notes that while this trait could be challenging to deal with, it’s important for Aquarius to show patience and understanding.

Heading 5: Action Towards Goals

Aquarius has a strong desire to take action towards their goals. This feeling is what ultimately drives them. They feel intensely attracted to this person and are fixated on their goal of making a love connection. The reading informs Aquarius that this strong attraction and fixation may indicate that this connection is on their path. Dana notes that it’s essential for Aquarius to follow their intuition and trust the universe’s plan.

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Dana’s Aquarius “you versus them” tarot reading revealed some helpful insights about Aquarius’ current love connection. The reading highlighted Aquarius’ need to feel empowered, and the fact that they are currently connecting with someone who shares their vision and goals. While the other party may be fixated on details, it’s important to show patience and understanding. Ultimately, the reading suggested that Aquarius may be on the right path, and it’s important to trust the Universe’s plan.


  1. Can Aquarius consider seeing Dana for a private reading once her website reopens?
    Yes, when Dana opens up her website for private readings, Aquarius may consider seeing her.

  2. Does the tarot reading suggest that Aquarius will make a love connection soon?
    The tarot reading doesn’t provide an exact timeline for when Aquarius will make a love connection. However, the reading does indicate that Aquarius is on the right path.

  3. Does the reading suggest that Aquarius should focus on their individual goals?
    Yes, the reading emphasizes that both Aquarius and their connection are currently focused on their individual goals.

  4. Is there any indication in the reading that Aquarius should take specific actions?
    Yes, the reading implies that Aquarius should follow their intuition and take action towards their goals.

  5. Does the reading suggest that Aquarius should be patient?
    Yes, the reading highlights that patience and understanding are crucial in the connection with the other person.

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