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3 Proven Ways to Predict Your Future (And The Psychic Secret They Don’t Want You to Know)

Who else is fascinated by intuition, psychic experiences and the idea that we can see our future, before it happens? Do you wonder how things in your life are going to turn out? Do you sometimes struggle with analysis paralysis, where you ruminate, think and over-think an idea or outcome so many times that you literally are frozen when it comes to making a decision?

No One Passes Alone

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Shelley called me in tears from the hospital. Marcus, her husband of thirty-two years, had died earlier that evening. His passing was not unexpected – cancer had spread throughout his body, and three weeks ago Marcus entered palliative care.

All You Need to Know About Physic Readings

Online psychic readings are much more fruitful than conventional means. You can chat, video conference with your psychic reader and can enhance your life.

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Psychic Readings

Since the dawn of time people have consulted psychics to seek knowledge of their future or past. Kings and blue bloods have had their future told as well as famous people throughout the history of creation. Here are the top 7 questions and answers about real live psychics.

Why Psychics Have a Bad Reputation?

Even though psychics do more good than harm, the profession has always had a negative reputation. Why is this? For one thing, this has to do with the nature of public itself.

I Turned Down $1 Million

I refuse to take the bait. I’m talking about the challenge issued by the U.S.-based James Randi Educational Foundation – if anyone can prove they have any type of psychic abilities, JREF will give that person $1 million.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Mental Telepathy?

My husband was telling me about a shaman he had interviewed. The native woman works with the dying, and is often called to go into a hospital room and assist someone who’s either not conscious, or slipping in and out of consciousness.

Why Should You Visit a Tarot Card Reader At Least Once in Your Lifetime?

Getting your tarot card reading can often be a really informative scenario for many individuals. It does not only reveal what is going to happen but also explains how things will unfold.

Do Great Generals Have Visions?

Many military generals whose names adorn the annals of history have something very unique in common – they believed in victory as almost a divine right, well beyond ego or arrogance, although also had a good dose of that as well. Just like many of the top athletes believe they are going to win, almost to the point of psycho-cybernetics on steroids, they practically envision their victories. So, one has to ask if achievement at the upper levels requires the sort of brain that can go there? Let’s talk.

Who Is My Soul Mate – Do I Have More Than One Soul Mate?

The Soul Mate is a tremendous connection that the forces of nature, or God, or destiny will manifest in our life time. But for some, this connection may elude us. Discover the true nature of Soul Mates and the signals that proclaim a true Soul Mate has arrived!

Tarot Meditation

In the following we will provide instructions about how to perform one easy but powerful tarot cards meditation technique. At first glance, meditation and tarot are two disciplines far apart from one another. This, however, need not be true.

Dream Teacher

I’ve been teaching psychic development and mediumship classes for 15 years, and study the latest work of experts in the field so I can deliver fun and innovative lessons to help my students tap into their intuitive abilities. But lately, it seems I’ve developed a method of instruction that I wasn’t even aware of. A couple students have said I teach them by appearing in their dreams!

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