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Black Magic: Dark Energy of Black Magicians

In psychic readings with clients you sometimes experience the monstrosity of black magic. Dark energy of black magicians in concentrated form creates a whirlpool of negative energy. This kind of energy can make you sick, cause accidents, and limit your opportunity in relationships and career. The ways and means of the dark magician are devious and cunning.

Telepathic Sensing Or Seeing

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One of the skills of a highly developed psychic is the one where the psychic is able to “see” objects and people who exist far away in their “mind’s eye” and are able to describe them clearly and effectively wherever they are. This is an ability that is not very common even amongst those people who have paranormal abilities. Remote Viewing is a term that was coined by parapsychologists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff when they were describing phenomena of being able to give information about objects that are not physically visible and exist in a distance from the person…

Transpersonal Intuitive Readings

Transpersonal psychic readings are readings by psychics who are able to identify the chakras and auras of a person and help them develop to a point where their spiritual self becomes highly evolved and becomes a reflection of the real and radiant person that one was intended to become. This is a very new avenue in psychic development but is based on one of the oldest traditions of life – Hinduism. A balanced life, according to Hinduism, is one where all the chakras and auras of a person are in harmony.

Understanding The Intuitive Nature Of Dreams

It is true that all people dream and dreams are the manifestation of the inner most desires of man. That being so most of us are not equipped to fully understand and interpret the dreams that we see. There are many who even rubbish the dreams and write them off.

Psychic Aura Cleaning: How to Clean Auras

From a psychic point of view one of the most beneficial acts you can do in the field of personal development and self growth is to clean the aura. The stress of modern living dissolves many of the good qualities in the auric shield so it makes good sense to heal and to clean it every so often.

Unusual Psychic Questions: Is My Mobile Phone Being Hacked?

Psychics are asked a lot of unusual questions. One of the most far out psychic questions is as follows: Is my mobile phone being hacked? Now phone hacking is serious business. But I am about to show you it is far more common than you might think!

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Spiritual Channelling

Channeling is one of the oldest methods known to man to help in the awareness of the self. Ancient philosophies have been all about man channeling his spirit to reach a plane of existence that is in coherence with nature at its most beautiful and bountiful. Achieving that state is what spiritual success has been about always.

What Is So Special About Face To Face Clairvoyants?

Psychics have been existence since the beginning of mankind and have had a vital role to play in understanding the purposes and ideas of the Great Spirit of the creator. In the beginning man was highly attuned to the creation around him and lived in harmony with nature. However, as he progressed, socially and culturally, he lost contact with his own spirit and became very materialistic and opportunistic.

Oracle Card Spreads

One of man’s greatest fascinations has been to find out what the future has in store for him. The need to know how he is going to fare and the wish to be prepared for all types of eventualities makes him seek different paths that lead to the knowledge of the future. Amongst one of the popular prophesying methods is the use of Oracle cards.

How Psychic Readings Can Help You Get Answers

Many people in life will go through trials. Many times, these trials can leave people with unanswered questions or decisions that need to be made, with no good answer in plain sight. What can a person do when they have to deal with life’s unanswered questions? If they are feeling a little adventurous, then it may be worth checking out a psychic. While it is not recommended to completely base one’s decision on a psychic’s reading, psychics can often offer great insight into decisions.

Telephone Mediums – What To Expect From A Reading

The medium is class of psychic with the ability to contact those who have passed away. Though some people use a telephone medium simply for entertainment, the majority have recently lost a loved one and feel a need to communicate once more with that person. Often these people are desperate, and are more vulnerable to unscrupulous fake mediums. While not impossible, it is much more difficult to be a scam artist by telephone than in person.

How to Find a Real Psychic (And the Psychic Reading Secret Everyone Should Know)

Who else is interested in getting a real psychic reading? Are you curious about what genuine psychics say, find or reveal during a reading? Or maybe you’ve been burned before…but still want to believe? Or, maybe like I was once, you are CURIOUS but not convinced, and know in your bones that MOST psychics are not that good…but that there are SOME who are special, super sensitive and well worth seeking out yourself?

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Everything You Need To Run Your Online Business For Free - Get Your Free Lifetime Account Now