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Skills of Telepathy

Telepathy is the ability to read and transmit thoughts with the power of the mind alone. It is said that all people have this ability, but few learn to use it or even recognize the possibility within them. For most people there telepathic skills remain unused and undiscovered…

Reasons Clients Seek Psychic Readings and Spiritual Counsel

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A psychic can help you in many different areas of your life. These may include your personal life, your love life or your career. These are all common areas that people turn to psychics for help

Could You Be A Medium?

Before we can answer this question properly we need to have at least a brief definition of the term. A medium is a psychic who has developed their psychic skills so that they can communicate with spirits that exist in other dimensions.

Could You Be Psychic?

Most members of the psychic community agree that everybody has latent psychic abilities. They believe that these abilities may be more developed in some people than they are in others but that everyone can develop their abilities if given the right opportunities and training. Some people become aware of their abilities independently and seek to develop them further.

How Psychics Read the Aura

The aura is the field of energy that many people believe surrounds all living plants and animals. This aura, when seen, usually appears as layers of color surrounding the being it is linked to.

Why People Like Online Psychics

Life is full of surprises, and that is putting it mildly. Most people have heard the saying that life throws a person a curveball from time to time, but sometimes when a person expects a curveball, life throws that person a 110mph fastball right down the middle.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Do Pigs Fly and Fish Sing and Can You Have a Psychic Reading Over the Phone?

Science tells us that the whole universe is made up of different energy waves and very little matter. These energy waves are made up of specific frequency bands associate with the electromagnetic spectrum.

Spirit Guides – An Overview

Spirit guides, a topic that suffers from a fair amount of misunderstanding. When you mention “spirit guides” to most people it conjures images of ghostly animals and native American Indians performing rituals in front of an open fire. The truth of the matter though is that spirit guides can manifest in many different forms and, although there is a strong link with native American Indians, any one with a spiritual inclination and basic psychic powers can gain access to one.

The Amazing Astral Body

The astral body is said to be a transitional bridge between the soul and the physical body. Plato originally introduced the idea but it has been picked up and developed by many philosophers, theologians and parapsychologists over the intervening centuries. It is the astral body that leaves the physical body when a person dies taking the soul with it and, perhaps, explaining out of body experiences, dreams, imagination, visions and hallucinations.

The Benefit Of Past Life Regression

Many people have a strong belief in and sense of having been alive before. You can get more details of your past life or lives by entering into past life regression.

Develop Your Intuition

It is a common experience to sense that something is about to happen and it does. Sometimes you may sense something about someone that turns out to be true.You may be very good at picking up on the hidden messages in what people are saying or reading between the lines.

What Is The Soul?

A human being is not just the sum of its physical body. The body is physical and exists in the physical reality of space, time and matter, the soul is non corporeal and exists in the spiritual realms. It is the self that we feel inside ourselves, it is the “I” that we refer to and experience.

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