Astrology 101 : Your Karmic Path Revealed – Opening Up To Your Mission & Purpose | Free Class

Astrology 101 : Your Karmic Path Revealed - Opening Up To Your Mission & Purpose | Free Class

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Astrology 101: Your Karmic Path Revealed – Opening Up To Your Mission & Purpose | Free Class


Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of the universe and your place in it? Are you seeking to uncover your true purpose and understand the deeper meaning behind your life experiences? Look no further, as astrology can offer you fascinating insights into your karmic path. In this free class, we will explore how astrology can help you discover and embrace your mission and purpose in life.

What the Rising Sign Is Actually Saying

One of the most significant elements in astrology is the rising sign, also known as the ascendant sign. This sign represents the image we project to the world and how others perceive us. It reveals qualities that may not be immediately apparent but play a vital role in shaping our karmic journey.

Learn the Basics of Astrology

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Before we dive deeper into the rising sign, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the basics of astrology. Astrology is an ancient practice that believes the positions of celestial bodies at the time of our birth influence our personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and life experiences. By understanding astrology, we gain profound insights into ourselves and our journey.

Ascendant Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Now, let’s explore the rising signs and their impact on our karmic path. If your rising sign is Aries, you embody a sense of assertiveness and pioneering spirit. Taurus rising individuals emanate reliability and stability. Gemini rising individuals possess excellent communication skills and adaptability.

Ascendant Sign: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

If your rising sign is Cancer, you are nurturing and deeply connected to your emotions. Leo rising individuals radiate warmth, charisma, and natural leadership abilities. Virgo rising individuals are meticulous, analytical, and thrive in organized environments.

Ascendant Sign: Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio

If your rising sign is Libra, you have a natural inclination towards harmony and diplomacy. Sagittarius rising individuals possess a love for adventure, wisdom, and a desire for personal growth. Scorpio rising individuals exude intensity, mystery, and have a deep desire to uncover life’s hidden truths.

Ascendant Sign: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

If your rising sign is Capricorn, you are driven, ambitious, and determined to achieve your goals. Aquarius rising individuals value individuality, progress, and have a humanitarian approach. Pisces rising individuals are empathetic, intuitive, and possess a deep connection with the spiritual realm.

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Access Additional Resources for Astrology

To further expand your knowledge of astrology and your karmic path, we provide a range of additional resources. These resources include books, online courses, and informative articles. By delving into these materials, you can deepen your understanding and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Join Memberships for Exclusive Content and Live Sessions

For those seeking more personalized guidance and in-depth insights, we offer memberships that provide exclusive content, live sessions, and interactive discussions. By becoming a member, you gain access to a supportive community of individuals on a similar karmic journey, allowing you to share experiences and grow together.

Featured Classes on Tarot and Karmic Pathways

In addition to astrology, we also offer featured classes on tarot and karmic pathways. Tarot is a powerful tool that can further illuminate your karmic journey and provide guidance on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. These classes are taught by experienced practitioners who have insightfully merged astrology and tarot to offer a holistic perspective.

Explore Tarot Decks Used by MJ in Her Readings

If you’re drawn to tarot, you may also be interested in exploring the tarot decks used by MJ, our resident tarot reader. These decks have been carefully curated to provide maximum clarity and accuracy. By diving into the realm of tarot, you can unlock deeper layers of your karmic journey and gain profound insights into your mission and purpose.

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Visit the Official Website for More Information

For comprehensive information about astrology, tarot, memberships, and upcoming classes, visit our official website. Here you’ll find a wealth of resources, including articles, free downloads, upcoming event dates, and testimonials from individuals who have embarked on their karmic path.

Beware of Fake Personal Reading Offers on Social Media and Other Platforms

While astrology and tarot offer incredible insights, it’s essential to be cautious of fake personal reading offers on social media and other platforms. Authentic readings require expertise and personalized attention. Ensure you seek guidance from reputable sources before trusting anyone claiming to provide accurate readings or insights into your karmic path.


Discovering your karmic path through astrology is an awe-inspiring journey that unveils the mysteries of the universe and your unique purpose. By understanding your rising sign and embracing the wisdom of tarot, you can navigate life’s twists and turns with greater clarity and resilience. Join us in our free class to embark on your karmic path and unlock your true potential.


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