Awareness is rewarded! 23 April 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Awareness is rewarded! 23 April 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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Intuitive Powers

All people are born with intuitive powers. Some people have stronger intuitive perceptions than other individuals but most people can strengthen the ones they have. Developing your intuition can save your life, can save you money, can get you the sweetheart you desire, and it can make you happier in life.

Psychology Of Psychic Readings

The psychology of psychic readings is an interesting topic of discussion. First you have to define the term “psychic” before you can begin the discussion.

Aura Readings

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Before you can actually understand the interesting facts about aura readings you must first understand what your aura is and how people perform these interpretations depending on this. The aura is in actuality an energy field that surrounds every living thing on this planet. That includes the plants and vegetation as well as all of the animals that are on the planet.

New Age Readings

New Age readings are done by psychics that practice this type of mystic art. They can provide you with insights into many different aspects of your life, and they can help you find the answers to questions that have been plaguing you through the years.

5 Easy Tips for Finding a Genuine Psychic or Healer!

Are you one of the countless people that have wasted hundreds of dollars trying to find a practitioner that was genuine and could help you with your problems? Have you gone from psychic to psychic without finding any real help? Good news! You can identify genuine psychics and healers quickly and effortlessly, before you pay a penny!

Mystic Channeling

For all intents and purposes the word channeling is used to define several different types of activities that are performed. This word is commonly associated with science because it can be used to describe the process that provides a constraint for the path that will be taken by the charged particle through a crystalline solid.

Voodoo Readings

Voodoo readings are associated with the powerful beliefs in the Voodoo religion, and the practices that accompany this religion. Generally the person that does these readings will be someone supports the culture, the spiritual beliefs, and the practices of this particular religion.

Examining Shamans

Before you can examine shamans intuitive powers you need to understand what they are. These are individuals that have the power to communicate with the spiritual world and relay the messages they have back to the inhabitants of the material world we live in. They can be male or female, and they use their powers to help other people, villages, communities, and the entire world at large.

Tips On Spiritual Growth

The discussions on spiritual growth and how to do it are numerous. There are many people on this planet that are still struggling to find their spiritual way.

Tips About The Akashic Records

The Akashic records are described as being detailed accounts of every action, every choice, and everything that has happened during the journey a soul has made through time. These accounts can reveal to the individual how choices they made in the past are currently influencing the decisions and actions of their future. They prove to us that each thought we have, and action we choose to take, changes little things about how our lives will play out.

How To Spot A Fake Psychic Reader

Undoubtedly there are people who perform tarot card readings and things like that who are not truly gifted with any powers and are simply after your money. Knowing how to spot a fake psychic reader is the best and only defense against these types of con artists.

The Aura and What It Tells Me

I often encounter people with their auras somewhat aligned to the left or right side of the person. In talking to the Creator I’ve discovered that this is telling me when a person is focused on the past or future, their aura changes its position to represent where a person is projecting themselves…

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Everything You Need To Run Your Online Business For Free - Get Your Free Lifetime Account Now