Be the author of your own destiny 28 March 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Be the author of your own destiny 28 March 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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Mind Reading – Psychic Guide

Telepaths – A telepathic psychic, (or telepath) has the ability to read other people’s minds and communicate with other people through thought. When someone speaks of mind reading, this is actually what they are referring to. A telepath that is able to hear or sense the thoughts of others is a mind reader.

Intuition – Psychic Guide

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Someone who possesses psychic abilities has something called “psychic intuition.” This is a special level of insight into the metaphysical world that “normal” people don’t have. It is a psychic’s intuition that lets them receive visions, see into the past/future, perform spiritual healing, or sense people’s thoughts and feelings.

Lucid Dreaming – Psychic Guide

There are many names for lucid dreaming, which is also called astral projection, astral travel, and soul traveling. They all refer to the same thing. Lucid dreaming is a practice commonly associated with psychic abilities, as many psychics have been known to use this technique.

Clairaudient Intuition – Psychic Guide

Clairaudient intuition is a psychic ability that is sometimes forgotten about. Though it is less common than other abilities, it is no less real. Just as a clairvoyant psychic receives visions of “clear seeing,” or a clairsentient psychic receives instincts of “clear feeling,” a clairaudient psychic receives intuition of “clear hearing.”

10 Simple Rules for Getting a Phone Psychic Reading

What factors should go into choosing a phone psychic? Cost? Ratings and reviews?

Are You Being Influenced by Negative Entities?

When a situation arises, what voice are you listening to? How are you responding? Are you connecting to the guidance of your Higher Self and acting from a good place? Are you just listening to your Ego- or worse, the influence of low-vibration entities, and reacting in a way that closes the door to your healing and creates problems for you?

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Help! I Think I’m Psychic? 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming “Suddenly” Psychic

What does it mean to be psychic? Does that mean you start speaking to spirits? Seeing the future?

Do I Have Clairsentience? – Psychic Guide

You often hear people talking about clairvoyance, but there are two other psychic abilities similar to clairvoyance that not everybody knows about. These are “clairaudience,” and “clairsentience.” Respectively, they mean “clear hearing,” and “clear feeling.

Is The Long Island Medium Real? (This May Change Your Mind)

What do YOU believe about the long island medium? Do you believe she is really communicating with spirit? Or, do you believe there is some sort of trick or technique that only gives the illusion that something genuine is taking place?

Should I Charge For Healing Or Psychic Work?

Charging for healing or psychic work is a matter for huge debate and disagreement. In this article I will share some of my thoughts on the subject of charging – or not for spiritual, psychic and healing work. I have provided readings, healing and other therapies and energy work for over 20 years, sometimes making a charge, other times for free. I’m not sure I will be able to encompass all my thoughts in one go but I’ll attempt to throw in some ideas to make you think about the subject and hopefully help you to decide where you stand on the subject.

Online Psychic Readings

Psychic readings via online means can offer several advantages over and above other formats. However, whilst the Internet is a magical place, offering boundless information, products and services, it can also be a place that allows the less scrupulous people the opportunity to fleece other, more honest people.

Psychic Readings Use

Every day, across the globe, people turn to psychics for a variety of different reasons. Some are seeking guidance into past events, as well as wanting to touch on the future. Other seekers have specific questions to ask on a variety of emotional and personal topics, whilst others are seeking solutions.

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