Cancer August 2021 ❤ How Do They Feel About You?

Cancer August 2021 ❤ How Do They Feel About You?

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Psychic Readings Link To Spiritual Growth

Psychic readings linked to spiritual growth has to be one of the more interesting features of having a reading. When we have a reading, it has to do with the energies that are everywhere in the universe. We can always say that it is because of some unknown thing. Well that is exactly what it is.

Psychics and Clairvoyants Use Of Crystal Balls

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How a psychic uses the crystal is in itself a lesson to be learned. Crystal balls are read by clairvoyants too. That is an art in itself…

The Secret on How to Develop Psychic Powers

Psychic abilities are not only prevalent to those who have been given a certain gift or talent. Although some are more talented in the area of sub-consciousness it does not mean that one does not have the capability of developing psychic powers.

The Different Types Of Psychic Readings

Different types of psychic readings are as many as the imagination can comprehend. Usually a reader has a specialty in a reading type. They can be as different as night and day.

Differing Psychic Tarot Spreads

Different types of tarot spreads are classified in different ways. There are relationship spreads, love spreads, career and job spreads, personal growth spreads, and decision making spreads, and also moving tarot spreads. You have a real choice of which type of reading that you want.

Inspiration and Intuition Are a Tarot Reader’s Main Tools

What’s the difference between inspiration and intuition? They are important tools in Tarot and in everyday life, and knowing how to use them can make the difference between an average Tarot reading and a great one.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Psychic Attack – A Phenomena That Goes Under Many Names

It’s important to move beyond getting stuck on words, and realize the reality behind the terminology. It is not generally accepted that “sick people can make healthy people sick.” As we evolve we will be extremely blessed if we do not encounter this phenomena at sometime during our life.

John Dee, Edward Kelley and the Crystal Ball – Information and Facts

John Dee was an eminent Elizabethan philosopher, astrologer, astronomer, occultist, imperialist and mathematician who lived between 1527 and 1608. The ‘Dee’, his surname, derives from the Welsh Celtic word ‘du’ which means black. Dee was born on 13 July 1527, his father Roland was a mercer and minor courtier. Dee devoted much of his life to study magic, astrology, alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy.

Runic Divination

The Runic system is perhaps one of the most historically interesting areas of psychic divination. The modern runic set is formed of 25 runes and is used by psychic mediums not only for divinations but also for the creation of psychic charms.

Were You Here Before? (Arguments Against Reincarnation)

This article explores the case against reincarnation. Some reports have stated that half the world believes it, but millions of others believe there could be a much better plan than “coming back” again and again.

Looking For Cheap Psychic Readings? PLUS A Shameless Psychic Secret You Must Know

Are psychics REAL? How can you find a good one, one that’s right for YOU? Learn how to get a powerful, INTUITIVE, personal, psychic reading without breaking the bank.

The Science Of Psychic Readings

A session with a professional psychic clairvoyant is mainly used to answer client’s questions. Most of the desired outcome for a client, is to receive accurate predictions for the future, and of course to avoid those banana skins which lurk in life.

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