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7 Ways to Spot a Fake Psychic

Are you looking for a psychic? If so, be sure to look for the 7 signs of a possible fake psychic before trusting your hard-earned money to them!

Will Psychic Advice Help You?

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Psychic advice can really help in the time of crisis with love, family and business relationship. As you come to learn more about psychics and their true intention you will open yourself to receive great guidance to help relieve difficulties.

Free Meditation Audio Files Downloads

What do these audio tracks promise to do? Well, without getting into the neurophysiology of the brain (something I am certainly no expert at all!) the audio tracks use sound playing at different frequencies, and through the use of earphones, these contrasting frequencies, or beats, gently forces the brain to “re-sync” the frequencies into one that induces blissful states of awareness.

Psychic Readings for Love Advice

You may be searching for your love, or, you may already be in love with someone, but are unsure of your relationship. Perhaps there are some irritants. There are some nagging fears about your future. You are always on tenterhooks.

How to Tell if You’re Psychic

How do you know if you’re psychic? Most people are, to some degree, even if they don’t refer to themselves that way.

Is It Good to Have a Free Psychic Reading?

When you are in doubt and need help to some important question that can make a difference in your life a free psychic reading can make it happen. There are many psychics around, choosing the right one to give you a reading can make a change in your success. It is important that you get more information from friends, family and do some research to having the right psychic bring you the answers you need.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Free Online Psychic Chat Room Experience

Psychic chat online is becoming increasingly popular, but is it worth the cost and can you trust the source? I recently had an experience with an online psychic reading, and this is what I’ve found.

Free Clairvoyant Readings – Have a Simply Stunning Experience

Now, I’ve had my fair share of paranormal experiences, so make no mistake…I am not a skeptic about the existence of many more realms of existence than our materialistic modern scientists will acknowledge. I did though, have my doubts about this one particular intuitive, and my gut instincts told me she was a fake. Boy was I wrong!

Is A Psychic Reading By Telephone Good For You?

There are many psychics offering reading by telephone and not choosing the right psychic can make a difference in you getting the right answers. Knowing the type of person you are such as do you want someone that is emotional, logical, a person vague, and a person direct, and a person clear.

13 Psychic Myths & Facts – Dare to Think Differently

Myth Psychics read your mind at all times. Fact Psychic readers can read your mind if we focus our intent on doing so; however, if we did that with everyone all the time, we would become exhausted and require mental health assistance. Myself, I am personally not interested in that!

Your Top 10 New Years Psychic Resolutions

The fact is, this is a LEAP Year! This means you’ve less time to make up for your mistakes! Don’t waste your time commercial astrology that is meant for millions! Get a personal progressive and natal chart done so that what’s in the stars for you is more likely than a probability!

Why is the “Devil” Card So Scary?

Receiving the “Devil” card gives you the opportunity to take a big dent out of the problems in your life. It speaks of habituation, addiction, repression, etc. Instead of running from the Devil, seeing it as something that enlarges who we are.

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Everything You Need To Run Your Online Business For Free - Get Your Free Lifetime Account Now