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Psychic Advice

Styles of psychic communication vary widely. Psychics tend to specialise in advice that has a certain flavour and purpose. Some common forms of psychic reading include predictions. Predictions fall into 2 categories, world events and personal events. To interpret your psychic reading you need to know the difference.

The Long Island Medium Review – The Straight Scoop on Celebrity Psychics

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Is the Long Island Medium REALLY talking to the dead? What are the other alternative explanations? Fraud?

Search For Spirituality

The search for spirituality is today’s largest mega trend, with many high street book stores carrying self improvement sections, offering a blend of titles from Deepak Chopra, the spiritual guru who is also, a formidable worldwide brand, to lesser known authors promoting anything from psychism, to an understanding of chakras and the aura. We are heading for a shift of consciousness where people with a strong sense of intuition are coming forward to help guide others through this shift. We’ve learned a lot this century.

3 Ways Mediums Can Talk to Spirits (Without Reading Your Mind)

How do psychic mediums communicate with spirits? Are all psychics mediums? And are all mediums psychic?

Crystal Ball Divination

Old movies always depict crystal ball psychic readings being performed by a female gypsy with long black hair, pulled to the side, and held in place by a red bandana. They usually wore gold colored hoop earrings and long skirts with white peasant blouses.

The Difference Between Angels and Spirit Guides When Interpreting Psychic Readings

There is a clear difference between a spirit guide and an angel. Despite this, they are similar in the sense that both are out to offer protection to humans. The difference between the two becomes clear when the question of their origin arises.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Rose Quartz For Healing And Psychic Development

It looks pretty, but what are the properties of rose quartz? This article looks at the spiritual, psychic, and healing energies of rose quartz as well as whether or not in can help you find love.

Tarot Devil Card – The Kiss of Judas

Overindulgence and hidden motives are the influence of the Devil. This is a warning to be sure your motives are pure when doing someone a favor today, even though the temptation will be there. You know what they say about Karm – it always comes back to haunt you one way or another.

How to Find a Real and Professional Psychic

Just like in any profession, there are GOOD PSYCHICS and BAD PSYCHICS. How to tell, who should you go to? Use YOUR intuition when selecting a psychic, what do you feel about them, what is their energy like. Meaning do you get a good feeling, a sense of trust, what do you feel about them personally. Ask them how do they bring the information through, meaning seeing images, hearing information come to them, sensing, knowing. Good psychics use all of these skills.

Numerology Readings

The roots of numerology can be traced back over 10,000 years to Eqypt and is the study of the symbolism behind numbers in our lives. Pythagoras, whom you will have met at some point in your mathematical education, is credited with organising the basic theories and structure in the foundation of modern mathematics. The 20th century saw an initial resurgence in the interest of numerology and once again, in the 21st century we are seeing seekers once again interested in the symbolism and stories that this practice has to offer.

The Future Seer Nostradamus

Michael de Nostradame, a 16th Century French chemist and seer wrote several works over his lifetime, the most famous Les Propheties. First published in 1555, this book has rarely been out of print since; it was in this book that he predicted major events. His work now commands a following that many other scholars and thinkers can only marvel at.

Psychic Fortune Telling Machines

When we think of vending machines, we think of the type that, on production of the correct change being inserted into the slot, a combination of numbers are pressed and out rolls your chosen item; usually snack food and fizzy drinks. In fact, we have come to expect to see them lined up in various reception areas of buildings. We think of the vending machine as a modern-day invention but they have been around for a lot longer than we think and were used for dispensing a variety of items.

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