Capricorn 🔮 CROSSROADS! This Is A Very Critical Moment For You Capricorn! December 3 – 9 #Tarot

Capricorn 🔮 CROSSROADS! This Is A Very Critical Moment For You Capricorn! December 3 - 9 #Tarot

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Capricorn is facing a pivotal moment at these crossroads. It is a time of great significance for them. From December 3 to 9, the Tarot reveals a series of cards that will guide their journey. This critical phase necessitates careful consideration and reflection. Capricorn should brace themselves for the revelations and insights that lie ahead. It is an opportunity to seize, with the potential to shape their path and future. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Capricorn’s Tarot reading for this crucial week.

Capricorn 🔮 CROSSROADS! This Is A Very Critical Moment For You Capricorn! December 3 – 9 #Tarot


In the world of tarot, Capricorn natives are going through a crucial phase from December 3 to 9. This period holds immense importance and can significantly impact their lives. Secret Tarot, a renowned tarot reader, has recently released a new video on their YouTube channel titled “Capricorn 🔮 CROSSROADS! This Is A Very Critical Moment For You Capricorn!”. This article will discuss the key insights and interpretations provided in the video, helping Capricorn individuals navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

1. The Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck

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Before delving into the details of the video, it’s important to mention that Secret Tarot offers a unique and captivating oracle deck called “The Secret Art of Love.” This deck can be purchased directly from or The deck is designed with intricate illustrations, providing a powerful tool for self-reflection and love-related readings.

2. Private Reading Waitlist

At present, Secret Tarot’s private reading waitlist is closed. However, it is worth keeping an eye on their website for future openings. Private readings offer personalized insights and guidance tailored to an individual’s specific questions and concerns.

3. Secret Tarot’s Social Media Presence

Secret Tarot can be followed on various social media platforms, including TikTok, Rumble, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. By following their accounts, individuals can stay updated with their latest video releases, live streams, and additional content related to tarot readings, spirituality, and personal growth.

4. Aledia Charose’s Social Media Presence

Behind the popular Secret Tarot channel is the talented tarot reader, Aledia Charose. Aledia’s unique perspective and intuitive approach to tarot have garnered a substantial following. To stay connected with Aledia’s work and insights, individuals can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

5. Donations and Support

For those who appreciate the content provided by Secret Tarot, there is an option to make donations through PayPal. These contributions help sustain and improve the channel, enabling Secret Tarot to continue offering valuable guidance to viewers.

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Capricorn Tarot Reading Insights

The video “Capricorn 🔮 CROSSROADS! This Is A Very Critical Moment For You Capricorn!” dives deep into the tarot reading specifically for Capricorn individuals in the given time frame. Here are some key points highlighted in the video:

  1. The importance of self-reflection: Capricorns are encouraged to take a step back and reflect on their current life path. This critical moment presents an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.

  2. Decision-making and choices: Capricorns may face significant choices that can greatly impact their future. It is essential to approach these decisions with caution and consider all possible outcomes.

  3. Relationships and matters of the heart: The video sheds light on the Capricorn’s love life, providing guidance on existing relationships and potential new connections. It emphasizes the importance of communication and understanding in maintaining healthy partnerships.

  4. Work and career: The tarot reading also explores the professional aspects of a Capricorn’s life. It offers insights into potential career opportunities, success, and challenges that may arise during this critical moment.

  5. Embracing change: Capricorns are encouraged to embrace change as they navigate this important phase in their lives. Change can lead to growth, new experiences, and opportunities for personal development.


Navigating the crossroads of life can be an overwhelming experience, but with the help of Secret Tarot’s insights, Capricorns have access to valuable guidance and perspectives. As with any tarot reading, it’s important to remember that these predictions are for entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional advice or services. Capricorns can leverage this critical moment to make informed decisions, reflect on their journey, and embrace the changes that lie ahead.


  1. Where can I purchase “The Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck”?

    • “The Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck” can be purchased at or
  2. Is Secret Tarot currently offering private readings?

    • No, Secret Tarot’s private reading waitlist is currently closed.
  3. Where can I follow Secret Tarot?

    • Secret Tarot can be followed on TikTok, Rumble, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  4. How can I support Secret Tarot?

    • Donations to the channel can be made through PayPal.
  5. Are tarot readings a substitute for professional services?

    • No, tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional services.

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