Capricorn August 2021 ❤ They Pretend They Do Not Care, But It’s An Illusion Capricorn

Capricorn August 2021 ❤ They Pretend They Do Not Care, But It's An Illusion  Capricorn

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How Psychic Readers Use Numerology

Numerology uses the study of numbers in relation to an event that has occurred or has been perceived to have occurred. Numerology psychic readings uses numbers and the patterns they form to deduce things that are going to occur in the future.

How Crystals Aid Psychic Development

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Psychic powers and intuitions occur naturally in people, but you can use certain things to help you advance your psychic development and make your powers stronger, or easier to identify. You can use crystals to help with your developing powers.

Psychic Readers Who Remote View

Remote viewing psychic readings occur when the person with the powers of perception does psychic readings for someone that is not in the same room they are in. Most of the time when these long distance psychic readings are performed the customer is not even in the same town as the gifted psychic they are seeking council with.

Mediumship And The Afterlife

How do we deal with the finality of death? From Victorian seances to the Spiritualist movement to schemes for uploading our minds into cyberspace, there have been numerous attempts to deny man’s mortality.

The Psychic Market

The UK psychic market has exploded into a ferocious fireball over the past 5 years, especially online, despite the very negative portrayal of psychisim and mediumship in the press (the spiritually uneducated) and the blinkered, ill informed attitude in the forums – interest, use and growth of the genre doggedly persists. Times are a changing and in the Western world, we are going through an interesting transition in what people think of psychics and mediums. A new generation is moving on from the old ideas of gypsy fortune tellers and mystics.

The Akashic Records

There are many options open to you when it comes to seeking messages from the spirit world. There are many methods too, which can help to access these realms, the Akashic Records are one such method.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Investigating Psychism And Spirit Activity

As a regular person, possessing no ability of any kind in terms of psychism, as my journey into the world of modern day mystics rolled on, I pondered (after reading again and again how we are all psychic – it is simply buried) if I could have an ‘other wordly’ experience of my own, I wanted to see or at least feel some of the mysterious, subtle and mesmerizing worlds the gifted seers and mediums amongst us encounter daily. Clearly, whilst the electric excitement from hearing tales of mysticsm from those within the field is interesting enough, I hankered after…

Psychic Skills – Enhance Precognition

The ability to seen into the future is known as precognition. The ability to use precognition may be accomplished in many different ways. Developing the ability to use precognitive skills may be enhanced by following a few suggestions. Everyone has precognitive experiences. The most obvious example is when the telephone rings, and you just know who is calling. Developing precognition takes attention and practice.

Secrets of Psychic Powers Exposed!

There are no involved technicalities in unleashing the secrets of psychic powers. Focus while relaxing is an efficient stepping stone going through self realization and actualization.

Tarot – A Reflective Mirror

Tarot mirrors human emotions, struggles, fear, defeat and all that is negative that has gone deep into the soul. Other images are uplifting that help to pave the way to rebirth, transformation, balance, justice, success and healing.

The Reincarnation of Arthur Edward Waite

This article gives an account of the author’s discovery of his past life personality Arthur Edward Waite, the famous occult researcher, author, and creator of the Waite Rider Tarot deck. The presence of Arthur Waite in David Almeida’s life has been confirmed by several prominent mediums. Mr. Waite made a significant contribution to the books “Illusion of the Body” and “The First Truth.”

The Love Birds Spell

A full moon gives us the opportunity to release life and energy into a project or venture. By the time the next full moon arrives you should start to see results of your efforts.

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