Capricorn Mid June 2021 ❤ Your Summer Is About To Get Very Intense Capricorn

Capricorn Mid June 2021 ❤ Your Summer Is About To Get Very Intense Capricorn

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Can a Psychic Help?

Sure, a psychic can help in many ways. Offering advice, performing a healing, doing a psychic reading, channeling etc. are just some of the ways a psychic can help. (Even people who only parade as psychics can offer help if they are problem-solvers. Listening and offering support is something everyone can do, but not everyone is willing.)

Psychic Color Test

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From a psychic’s standpoint, colors are visual experiences formed by our brains and can be used for a multitude of purposes. The spectrum of colors can also represent a simple and intuitive psychic system. A psychic color test works by associating thoughts, actions, attitudes, feelings, states of mind with colors. …

Psychic Prayer

Praying is a double-edged sword; it can greatly strengthen or weaken a person. Whether it’s one or the other depends on three major factors: who you are, who you are praying to, and what you are praying for. …

Psychic Symptoms

Changes are inevitable as you progress as a psychic. Besides the desired psychic symptom of understanding the world better and feeling psychic energies directly, common physical symptoms of psychic awakening include the following: …

Psychic Attack

When we think of a psychic attack, we may image a ball or other form of negative energy flying from the attacker to the victim. This imagery is quite rudimentary and is somewhat of a male stereotype: “I’m giving you something you don’t want to take”. …

Stop! The Best Way to Tell If a Psychic is a Fake (Hint – You’ll Notice This Straight Away Now)

Who else is looking for some sure fire ways to tell if a psychic reader is putting you on? If you are anything like the vast majority of people who enjoy reading our articles and comment on our content, one of your biggest fears when getting a reading is simply being taken advantage of, right? Of feeling gullible….and not being sure what to believe is true, versus what is clearly off base!

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Developing Your Psychic Intuition

What is psychic intuition? From the viewpoint of science, our minds have a conscious and a subconscious part, and the subconscious is the larger, data-gathering part. It is somewhat of a filter, presenting only relevant information to the conscious mind.

2 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Psychic Readings at All Costs (Buyer Beware!)

Who else is thinking about getting a free psychic reading? Do you think it sounds like your best bet to get a great intuitive, medium or clairvoyant, and a rock bottom price to boot? If this sounds like you, the truth is, you SHOULD think again! Why? In our experience, free psychic reading offers are fraught with “danger” for consumers, and usually end in frustration, failure and unhappiness across the board.

How to Develop Psychic Power – Part Two

Psychic abilities, though more often assigned to carnivals and 900-phone lines, have the potential as a new frontier of science. Our task is to pursue this new frontier, the inner landscape as it were, to discover previously untapped human potential.

Spiritual Mediums – Do They Even Exist?

The realm of psychic phenomenon is so fascinating that it has intrigued the mankind from the beginning of time. Throughout the history, many people have claimed to have some sorts of paranormal perceptions…

Terrifying Water Spirit Haunts the Seventy Orkney Isles

Many of the hidden folk nurse a deep seated hatred for mankind. Read this article to learn about a water fae that manifests this hatred by haunting the Orkney Isles.

Tarot Cards – Understanding & Interpretation – How to Easily Read The Minor Cards

There are lots of arguments about the Minor Tarot Deck and some readers ignore them, preferring only to use the Major cards. Certainly the Major cards appear to be more dramatic, focused, specific and emphatic but when a reading includes the Minor cards this heightens the meanings of the Major cards, putting them into the right perspective.

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