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Are you ready to discover what lies ahead, dear Capricorn? In this captivating juncture of June 2023, the universe presents a profound question: Are you holding on? Delve into the realm of spirituality as we unravel the divine guidance of the cards, exploring the dynamic between you and those around you. Brace yourself, for a riveting journey awaits – one that will ignite the fire within your soul and awaken your true potential. Embrace the magic, dear Capricorn, for this spiritual tarot reading is destined to illuminate your path to greatness. Let us embark on this extraordinary voyage together.


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Welcome to a review of the captivating video created by Tarot Time with Dana titled “CAPRICORN | THEY ARE HOLDING ON…ARE YOU? |🦋 JUNE 2023 YOU VS THEM/SPIRITUAL TAROT READING ❤️.” In this engaging video, Tarot Time with Dana intertwines the realms of spirituality and love readings, offering valuable insights tailored specifically for Capricorns. Let’s delve into the powerful messages conveyed through the cards and explore how they can influence your personal journey.

Combine spiritual general reading with you versus them love reading

In this insightful video, Tarot Time with Dana beautifully combines a spiritual general reading with a you versus them love reading. By merging these two elements, a unique perspective is revealed, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your relationships and personal growth.

Card of Uranus indicates revolution and breakthroughs

The presence of the Card of Uranus highlights a period of revolution and breakthroughs in your life. This signifies that major changes are on the horizon, urging you to embrace the potential for transformation and step out of your comfort zone. Prepare yourself for exciting opportunities to manifest in your journey.

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Two of Wands signifies progression and moving forward

The Two of Wands emerges as a significant card in your reading, symbolizing progression and forward movement. This card invites you to take control of your destiny, to step confidently into your future, and to embrace the unknown. Embody the trait of resilience, as you dare to venture into uncharted territories.

Page of Swords warns of gossip and immature behaviors

The Page of Swords serves as a warning against engaging in gossip and indulging in immature behaviors. This card advises you to stay grounded and avoid unnecessary conflicts that may hinder your personal growth. Be conscious of your words and actions, ensuring that they align with your highest self.

Change can create exhaustion or opportunity for growth

Amidst the winds of change, it is important to acknowledge that change can bring both exhaustion and opportunities for growth. Embrace the challenges that come your way, as they are catalysts for personal development. Trust in your ability to navigate through turbulent times and remember that growth often emerges from discomfort.

Headspace focused on career and money, advised not to overexhaust yourself

In the realm of your headspace, the energy is focused on career and monetary matters. This reading advises you to stay mindful of your boundaries and avoid overexhausting yourself in the pursuit of success. Establish a healthy work-life balance, recognizing that your well-being is just as important as your professional achievements.

Hangman symbolizes awakening and seeing the truth

The presence of the Hangman card signifies an awakening, as you begin to see the truth with clarity. This card calls upon you to adopt a fresh perspective, letting go of limiting beliefs and embracing new insights. Allow yourself to surrender to the transformative power of knowledge and self-discovery.

Heart space shows manifestation of gratitude and vulnerability

Within the realm of the heart, your reading reveals the manifestation of gratitude and vulnerability. Open yourself up to deep connections and cultivate a state of appreciation for the love and support that surrounds you. Embrace vulnerability as a strength, as it allows for authentic connections and emotional growth.

Guardedness and hyperactive boundaries blocking progress in relationships

The reading uncovers the presence of guardedness and hyperactive boundaries that may be hindering progress in your relationships. Take a moment to reflect upon any walls you’ve constructed and consider allowing yourself to be more open and vulnerable. Growth and deep connection can only blossom when barriers are lifted.

Development and growth needed to overcome insecurities

The video emphasizes the importance of personal development and growth as a means to overcome insecurities. Embrace opportunities for self-improvement, whether through introspection, therapy, or adopting new habits. As you embark on this transformative journey, remember that the most significant growth often arises from confronting your vulnerabilities.


  1. What does the Card of Uranus symbolize?
    The Card of Uranus symbolizes revolution and breakthroughs in your life, signifying a period of significant change and transformation.

  2. What does the Two of Wands represent?
    The Two of Wands represents progression and forward movement, urging you to take control of your destiny and embrace the unknown.

  3. What is the Page of Swords warning against?
    The Page of Swords serves as a warning against engaging in gossip and indulging in immature behaviors that may hinder personal growth.

  4. How should I approach change in my life?
    Approach change with an open mind, recognizing that it can bring both exhaustion and opportunities for growth. Embrace the challenges and trust in your ability to navigate through them.

  5. How can I overcome insecurities in relationships?
    Overcoming insecurities requires personal development and growth. Embrace opportunities for self-improvement and allow yourself to be vulnerable, creating space for deep connections to flourish.

In conclusion, Tarot Time with Dana’s video, “CAPRICORN | THEY ARE HOLDING ON…ARE YOU? |🦋 JUNE 2023 YOU VS THEM/SPIRITUAL TAROT READING ❤️,” offers profound insights tailored to Capricorns. By combining spirituality with love readings, this video invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Embrace the messages conveyed through the cards, and empower yourself to navigate the paths of your relationships with authenticity, vulnerability, and newfound wisdom.

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