CAPRICORN : This Person Is JEALOUS – You’re Off On A New ADVENTURE #Tarot #shorts

CAPRICORN : This Person Is JEALOUS - You're Off On A New ADVENTURE #Tarot #shorts

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Welcome to our blog post, where we dive into the fascinating world of astrology. Today, we are here to shed light on the intriguing personality traits of Capricorn individuals. Being passionate about Tarot readings and shorts, we aim to explore a specific facet of Capricorn’s character: their tendency towards jealousy. So, buckle up and join us as we embark on a new adventure, unraveling the depths of Capricorn’s jealous tendencies.


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The King and Queen of Wands and King and Queen of Pentacles

In the realm of Capricorn, the cards of the King and Queen of Wands and King and Queen of Pentacles hold significant meaning. These cards may symbolize a changing of the guard, involving dynamic fire signs and an upset air sign. It’s a situation where you may be experiencing a creative breakthrough or starting a new venture, and your original partner is unhappy with your actions. The King and Queen of Wands represent passion, inspiration, and ambition, while the King and Queen of Pentacles embody stability, material abundance, and practicality. Together, these cards suggest a shift in energy and a need to navigate the challenges that may arise as you embark on a new adventure.

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