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Living Healthy With Health and Fitness Astrology

Aside from the daily personality and motivational guides read from you horoscope, there are yet more things that your astrological sign can provide you. Your string association with the movements of each star, planet and other terrestrial bodies will bring more direction as to what, when and which path should your spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs be leading you. Every accurate and proper interpretation of your star signs connection opens more positive and viable choices for a perfect decision making.

Ever Think About Who You Were in Your Past Life?

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Have you ever wondered who you were in your past life? If the answer is yes, than your not alone! Many people from all kinds of religions believe in reincarnation and think about who they use to be and what their life was like in another life. If you have been searching the internet looking for information on this, you might be disappointed to find that there is not a lot of quality information out there on this topic. Unfortunately, in this society it is discouraged to entertain such beliefs, and people who do believe are often ridiculed and made fun of. Don’t let this discourage you though! Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism are just a few of the major religions that believe in reincarnation and past lives.

Psychic Development to Realize Your Gifts

Everyone knows about psychics. There are a few people who have special spiritual gifts. They might be able to see the future, sense hidden emotions, or even communicate with those persons who have passed on. What many people do not realize is that everyone has some degree of psychic ability.

Discover Your Past Life

If your like me and many others, the thought of discovering your past life is really intriguing. Can you think of anything more exciting than finding out who you were in a past life and what sort of life you lived? The answers to many questions in this life can be found in the past one.

Past Life Meditation Exercise

I am going to share with you an advanced meditation technique used for the sole purpose of taking a look into your past life. Do not become discouraged if you have trouble with this exercise, it does take practice to get the hang of.

What Clairvoyants and Other Psychics See

Before we can assess psychics we must have an idea about the world they experience, seen with the eyes of the psychics. Therefore, I will in the following describe how particular astral and mental sensing occurs. These kinds of sensations are the most widespread among clairvoyant and other psychics today, although the pure mental version is still quite rare. I will start by describing the astral plane and then elaborate on the mental sensations.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Death Bed Visions – Psychic Sight Or Purely Our Imagination? (Warning! Only For Open Minded People)

In this article I’d like to dive into the topic of death bed visions and their relationship to psychic phenomena and the paranormal. Simply stated, there is a veritable AVALANCHE of information out there that is NOT presently accounted for in traditional scientific understanding or paradigm, and death bed visions CLEARLY fall into this wild and wondrous domain. Read on as we take a closer look.

Are Psychics Real? Warning! Only For People Who Want to Know the Truth About Psychic Phenomena

In this article we are going to tackle the most common and ever present question about psychic phenomena – ” are psychics real……or are they just a bunch of well trained con artists hell bent on stealing my money?” If you are one of the MANY people out there fascinated by the paranormal, but are AFRAID of being taken for a ride on the gullible express, this article is for you. Read on.

Hiring a Medium As a Business Consultant

I have been tested by the media as a professional medium for the past 14 years. I did not ask for it nor self promote, word of mouth just happened between close friends and one day things just spiraled to the point where I found myself in a nationally syndicated column.

Predicting Stocks and Other Things With Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the unexplained, but scientifically acknowledged ability to see something that is hidden from physical view, something that is usually separated by some distance. Known as PSI, it is classified as a paranormal ability and is sometimes thought of as ESP, clairvoyance, precognition, or telepathy.

Black Magic Spells

Black magic spells are pretty easy to find online. Easy to find and easy to do might be two different things, however. Black magic spells are rarely easy to do with effective results. This is because these take a lot of practice and a lot of dedication that few people have. Do you think that you have the dedication that it takes to become a black magic spell caster?

Powerful Spells – Learning to Cast

Do you want to learn to cast powerful spells? There are many books you can read, and even more internet web sites you can visit, that are willing to teach you how to cast them, but how do you know which ones are the real thing? Just because it says it’s full of black magic doesn’t mean it is. And if you’ve never cast them or otherwise, then you can’t have any idea if any of it is true – until you try it, that is.

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