Choose again! 3 May 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Choose again! 3 May 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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Psychic Reading – Ready To Get And Hear The Truth?

Thousands of people across the globe are having a psychic reading as you are reading this article. The sad fact is that most of those people are searching for only what they want to hear. The question is, are people that have a psychic reading ready to accept the genuine truth?

Ace of Coins – Tarot

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Tarot is the deck of cards like the traditional playing cards that is used for the purpose of fortune telling and mental mapping. In ancient times, tarot cards were used for playing different card games. Later these cards were used by mystics and occultists for the purpose of spiritual divination.

Psychic Powers – 5 Top Myths About Them

Hollywood loves to demonize everything dealing with psychic powers and it has caused a lot of misconceptions. This article looks at 5 of the top myths or misconceptions regarding psychic powers.

I Used to Look to Fort Worth for A Numerology Reading

Fort Worth, Texas is primarily known as the start of the West in Texas. It’s also known for rodeos, cattle and horses. Few know it as the once home of numerology. But I did.

Online Tarot Readings – (And the SECRET To Getting an Accurate Psychic Reading By Phone)

Who else is thinking about getting a tarot card reading online? Have you wondered how good a tarot reading by phone, or via the internet can be? Or maybe, like me… you are a long time psychic junkie who simply wants to get a fast reading over the next few days to clarify a specific issue, or “unpack” a problem WITHOUT having to ask friends, family or the same old crowd that NEVER seems to have anything genuinely helpful to offer?

Psychic Reviews That DON’T “Fib”! (And How To Tell If a Psychic Rating Is Real)

Are psychic review sites paid to write reviews? Are they compensated for telling you which psychic service to choose? And if they are, does that make their ratings, reviews or recommendations LESS trustworthy than other sites or services that don’t? If you are anything like most people who are looking to get a reading, one of the first things you do is check out the reviews of popular psychic services, right?

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Psychic Answers – How to Ask the RIGHT Kinds of Questions to PROVE a Psychic Is Real

What are the best questions to ask a psychic? Can you tell from their answers whether a reader is real? And how come some people find some psychics to be amazingly accurate… while others aren’t sure if the reading was GOOD… or just a bunch of good guesses? The truth is, getting accurate psychic answers is often a very subjective experience! What one person considers evidence… another may find luck, or coincidence, or even a matter of the person being read JUST being gullible.

How To Associate With Symbols For An Accurate Psychic Reading

Many people who’ve never had a psychic reading by phone wonder how it’s possible to accurately tune in to someone’s energy and experience from a distance. Seeing beyond time and space may not seem logical to the thinking mind, but the psychic mind of the imagination does not have a problem with it. I remember once picturing a female client as floating in space.

Can Astral Projection Lead to Enhanced Psychic Abilities?

More than just a parlor trick or an introduction to what lies beyond the opaque veil of reality that we consider ‘true’, Astral Projection is a tool that, when used for all its worth, can and will inspire progress in the ways that we each own up to not only our humanity, but also challenge the way that we feel about the experience of existence, itself. For you see, Astral Projection, also referred to as an out-of-body experience, takes you far beyond the boundaries of the physical, unleashing the energetic power that lies within each of us. It challenges us…

Can Interpretation Of Dreams Tell Us What Is Going To Happen In Our Waking Life?

To want to know the future is a perfectly natural desire. We pick up our ears when we hear of foretold events. Who would not want a few days foreknowledge of the stock market for example? A few incidents in the life of Emanuel Swedenborg suggest he had precognitive dreams as well as some knowledge of the future.

Spirit Readings: How A Psychic Medium Reading Can Empower Your Spiritual Journey

Did you know that spirit readings are a valid personal development tool for inner growth? Did you know a psychic medium reading can empower your spiritual journey? If you want to know more then read on!

How A Psychic Medium Prepares For Psychic Readings

Here is how a real life psychic medium prepares for readings before the caller phones in. Have you ever wanted to know about fortune teller preparation and how readers get ready for live psychics chat? Did you ever want an inside look into the world of the soothsayer? If yes, read on!

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