#Daily #Tarot LIVE | Friday, April 21

#Daily #Tarot LIVE | Friday, April 21

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Welcome to Daily Tarot LIVE! Today is Friday, April 21st and we are excited to share with you our insights and interpretations of the Tarot cards for the day. We hope that our readings will provide guidance, clarity and inspiration as you navigate through your day. So sit back, relax and join us on this journey of discovery and self-reflection. Let’s dive in!


Welcome to Soulful Revolution, a platform that offers memberships and featured classes for spiritual growth. Today, we will be discussing the daily tarot live reading that took place on Friday, April 21, and how Soulful Revolution’s offerings can help you on your spiritual journey.

The Daily Tarot Live Reading

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On Friday, April 21, MJ conducted a daily tarot live reading on Soulful Revolution’s YouTube channel. The reading was enlightening, encouraging, and insightful. MJ used her intuitive abilities to offer guidance to her audience and spread positive energy.

The reading covered several topics, including career, finance, and relationships. MJ pulled cards that revealed the cosmic energy surrounding these areas and interpreted them to provide her audience with guidance.

Soulful Revolution’s Offerings

Soulful Revolution offers memberships that are designed to nurture your spiritual growth. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings:

Accelerate Your Ascension

This membership is designed to help you elevate your spiritual consciousness and align yourself with your higher self. The program includes monthly videos, guided meditations, and group mentoring sessions.

Birthchart Mastery

This membership is focused on helping you understand your birth chart and how it influences your life. You’ll receive monthly videos, live webinars, and access to a private community of like-minded individuals.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

YouTube Membership

This membership provides you with exclusive content on Soulful Revolution’s YouTube channel. You’ll receive live readings, Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes access to MJ’s life.

Pathfinders Group

MJ offers a private Facebook group called Pathfinders for those who sign up for the Accelerate Your Ascension membership. This group provides a safe space for individuals to ask questions and receive guidance on their spiritual journey.

Featured Classes

Soulful Revolution offers a variety of featured classes that can help you deepen your knowledge and improve your skills. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Spiritual Business Class

This class is designed for those who want to start or grow their spiritual business. You’ll learn how to develop your brand, market your services, and attract your ideal clients.

MJ’s Tarot Class

This class is all about tarot and how to use it for self-discovery and spiritual growth. You’ll learn how to interpret cards, develop your intuition, and use tarot as a tool for healing.

Karmic Pathway Bundle

This bundle includes two courses that focus on understanding and healing your karmic patterns. You’ll learn how to identify and release negative karmic energy and create positive karma for yourself.

Soul’s on Fire Tarot Deck

Soulful Revolution also sells their own tarot deck, called Soul’s on Fire. This deck is designed to help you connect with your intuition and receive guidance on your spiritual journey.

YouTube Channel

Soulful Revolution’s YouTube channel offers a variety of spiritual guidance videos, including live readings, Q&A sessions, and vlogs. It’s also a supportive community for subscribers to connect with like-minded individuals.

Social Media Accounts

Soulful Revolution has active social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok. These accounts offer motivational posts, inspirational quotes, and other spiritual content.

The Empress Club

The Empress Club is Soulful Revolution’s online community. It offers members exclusive content, monthly webinars, and Q&A sessions with MJ. It’s a supportive space for individuals to connect with each other and deepen their spiritual practice.

Personal Readings

Please note that Soulful Revolution does not offer personal readings and requests for readings should not be made on social media.


Soulful Revolution offers a variety of memberships and classes designed to help individuals deepen their spiritual practice and connect with their higher self. The daily tarot live reading on Friday, April 21, offered guidance and insight to those seeking answers. Remember to check out Soulful Revolution’s website for more information on their offerings and how they can help you on your spiritual journey.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. What is the goal of Soulful Revolution?
  • Soulful Revolution aims to help individuals deepen their spiritual practice and connect with their higher self.
  1. What kind of classes does Soulful Revolution offer?
  • Soulful Revolution offers featured classes on various topics, including tarot, spiritual business, and karmic healing.
  1. Does Soulful Revolution offer personal readings?
  • No, Soulful Revolution does not offer personal readings and should not be asked for on social media.
  1. Where can I find Soulful Revolution’s tarot deck?
  • You can find Soulful Revolution’s tarot deck, Soul’s on Fire, on their website.
  1. Can I connect with like-minded individuals on Soulful Revolution’s platform?
  • Yes, Soulful Revolution offers memberships and online communities where you can connect with like-minded individuals.

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