Daily Tarot : Your Soul’s Purpose Is CALLING | Spiritual Path Guidance

Daily Tarot : Your Soul's Purpose Is CALLING | Spiritual Path Guidance

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I am delighted to welcome you to my blog post on Daily Tarot: Your Soul’s Purpose Is CALLING | Spiritual Path Guidance. In this article, I will be sharing profound insights and guidance on how tarot cards can help you discover and align with your soul’s purpose. Join me as we delve into the mystical realm of tarot readings and unlock the hidden wisdom that awaits. So, come along with me on this transformative journey as we embark on a quest to uncover the true calling of your soul. Let’s dive in!

Daily Tarot: Your Soul’s Purpose Is CALLING | Spiritual Path Guidance

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Hey there, spiritual seekers! I hope this article finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, I want to talk to you about the power of the Tarot and how it can help guide you on your spiritual path. As an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual practitioner, I have dedicated my life to unlocking the potential of the soul and helping others find clarity and purpose. In this review, I want to share with you a video created by Soulful Revolution that truly resonated with me and provided profound insights into the soul’s journey. So, grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and let’s dive into the mystical world of tarot together.

I. Unlocking the Potential of Lionsgate:

During the live session, I had the pleasure of exploring the magical energy of the Lionsgate portal. Lionsgate is an astrological phenomenon that occurs every year on August 8th, where the Earth aligns with the star Sirius and the galactic center. This alignment amplifies cosmic energies and provides a powerful opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation.

II. Harnessing the Power of Lionsgate Workshop:

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

As a strong believer in the power of collective energy and shared experiences, I am thrilled to announce that my dear friend, Jen Huber, and I will be hosting a workshop on harnessing the power of Lionsgate. In this workshop, we will dive deep into the meanings of the tarot cards and how they can guide us towards our soul’s purpose. Together, we will explore different spiritual practices, meditations, and rituals to tap into the energy of Lionsgate and unlock our true potential.

III. Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck:

In addition to the live session and workshop, I also wanted to share with you my new deck called the Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck. This deck has been meticulously crafted, keeping in mind the needs of spiritual seekers like yourself. Each card holds sacred symbols from different spiritual traditions and serves as a powerful tool for introspection, guidance, and manifestation.

IV. The Power of Meditation:

In the video, there was a clear emphasis on the importance of meditation for clarity and peace. As I watched the intricate card spreads, I couldn’t help but feel the calming energy that radiated through the screen. Meditation is a practice that allows us to connect with our true selves and the divine. It helps us quiet the noise within and gain insights from the depths of our subconscious mind.

V. The Card “Past Life” – A Glimpse into the Soul’s Journey:

During the reading, the card “past life” made a meaningful appearance. This card serves as a reminder that our current life is not isolated from our past experiences and karmic ties. It tells us that we are here to heal, learn, and grow from the lessons of our previous incarnations. It invites us to explore our past connections and uncover hidden aspects of our soul’s journey that may be influencing our present circumstances.

VI. The Importance of Protection in Spirituality:

As we embark on the spiritual journey, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of protection. The video touched upon this aspect, reminding us that when we explore the spiritual realm, we open ourselves up to various energies and entities. Therefore, it is essential to establish protective measures to ensure our safety and maintain a balanced energetic field.

VII. Twin Flame Connections and Memories:

The video also hinted at the presence of twin flame connections. For those who are unaware, twin flames are spiritual counterparts who mirror our souls and play a significant role in our spiritual growth. Memories of past connections may resurface during this time, reminding us of the deep soul connections we share with certain individuals. It is a soul-stirring experience that urges us to delve deeper into the realms of unconditional love and spiritual awakening.

VIII. Intuitive Openings and Protective Measures:

While intuitive openings can be a beautiful gift, the video advised against opening up without protective measures. It is important to ensure that our intuitive channels are safeguarded as we explore the depths of our psychic abilities. This ensures that we receive pure, accurate, and positive guidance while avoiding any negative or intrusive energies.

IX. Your Energy and Peace Matters:

Before I conclude this review, I want to remind all of you that your energy and peace should always be valued and protected. Listening to our soul’s calling and embarking on our spiritual path can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging. Therefore, it is essential to set personal boundaries, take time for self-care, and surround ourselves with positive and supportive energies.


In conclusion, Soulful Revolution has beautifully crafted a video that not only unveils the secrets of the tarot but also offers profound insights into our soul’s purpose. Through sacred symbols, card readings, and spiritual guidance, the video gently nudges us towards our spiritual awakening and encourages us to walk the path of self-discovery. Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or have been on this transformative path for years, this video will surely resonate with your soul’s calling.


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