Discover your life purpose 17 July 2023 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Discover your life purpose 17 July 2023 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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Welcome to your daily tarot reading with Gregory Scott! Today, we delve into the captivating realm of discovering your life purpose. Imagine the satisfaction of unlocking your true potential and living a life aligned with your deepest passions and aspirations. With this insightful tarot reading, you have the opportunity to gain valuable guidance and clarity, helping you embark on a transformative journey towards uncovering your life’s true calling. So sit back, relax, and let Gregory Scott guide you on this empowering adventure of self-discovery. It’s time to embrace your destiny and unlock the extraordinary potential within you. Let’s dive in!


Welcome to your daily tarot reading for 17 July 2023. Today, we will explore the New Moon in Cancer taking place on this auspicious day. Whether you’re a believer in tarot, astrology, or numerology, Gregory Scott is here to provide you with insights and guidance. Discover your life purpose and unlock the secrets of your future. Private horoscope, tarot, and numerology readings are available at, where you can delve deeper into your personal journey.

The Radiant Right Away Deck: A Gateway to Spiritual Wisdom

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In our readings, we use The Radiant Right Away deck to tap into the universal energies surrounding you. This deck allows us to harness the power of symbolism, intuition, and divine guidance. Each card represents a unique aspect of life, urging you to embrace your true essence and navigate the challenges that come your way. Let’s dive in and see what messages the cards hold for you today.

Explore the Universe of Love and Support: The Ace of Cups

As you journey through life, love and support become vital aspects of your existence. The Ace of Cups represents a blessing from the universe, a divine gift that signifies abundant love and emotional fulfillment. This card urges you to open your heart to the possibilities that lie ahead and embrace the love that surrounds you. It’s a time of harmony, compassion, and nourishment. Allow love to flow freely, both giving and receiving, and watch as your relationships deepen and flourish.

Manifesting Desires Amidst Conflicts: The Five of Wands

Life is rarely a smooth ride; conflicts and challenges often arise. The Five of Wands presents itself as a symbol of trivial conflicts and clashes with others. It may seem like obstacles hinder the path to your desires. However, it’s essential to remember that conflicts can be catalysts for growth. Engaging with others and navigating these obstacles can actually help manifest your desires. Embrace the lessons these conflicts offer for they hold the key to your personal development and success.

Living the Dream Job: The Nine of Pentacles

Everyone dreams of living a life filled with abundance, prosperity, and satisfaction. The Nine of Pentacles represents the joyous culmination of these dreams. It signifies that you have reached a point in your life where you are living your dream job or pursuing your passion. Success and fulfillment are within your grasp. Embrace the independence and the sense of achievement that this card brings. You have worked hard to create this reality, so enjoy the fruits of your labor.


As you embark on your journey to discover your life purpose, remember to embrace the blessings of love and support that the universe offers through the Ace of Cups. Embrace conflicts as opportunities for growth and personal development, with the guidance of the Five of Wands. Ultimately, the Nine of Pentacles assures you that your dreams can manifest into reality, bringing abundance and prosperity into your life. Trust the guidance of the cards and allow your intuition to guide you towards fulfilling your life purpose.

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