DIVINE MASCULINE Energy – ‘When The Lonliness Kicks In…’ – DM Tarot Reading June 2021

DIVINE MASCULINE Energy - ‘When The Lonliness Kicks In...’ - DM Tarot Reading June 2021

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A Certified Psychic Brings Value to Your Reading

A certified psychic is someone who is accredited to give psychic readings. You can access a psychic via the internet and this format is fast replacing in-person meetings or over the phone consultations which often cost considerably more.

A Famous Psychic Can Be Consulted If You Want to Know Your Future

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The future is unknown and we are scared of it. We are also curious of it too that is why so many people are interested in having their future told.

Discover the Meaning of the Strength Tarot Card

The ninth card in the sequence of the tarot deck is that depicting the concept of Strength. As is the case with the entire sequence, the Strength card continues to build on the lessons of the cards that have come before it. The eighth card – the Chariot – already taught our traveler the absolute importance of gaining control over his raw emotions and baser instincts.

Discover the Meaning of the Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot is the eighth card in the sequence of the tarot deck. Much like the Lovers card before it, the Chariot also has much to do with the realm of the emotions. However, it is important to note that the emotions involved are no longer in their pure, unfettered form anymore.

Psychic Readings by Phone – 3 CONTROVERSIAL Reasons Why a Phone Reading May Be BEST

Do you want to talk about phone psychics? They really get a bad rap, don’t they? It’s true….if you listen to many of the skeptics, one of the easiest targets of their terrible critiques are telephone psychics, just because they seem to be SUCH an easy target overall.

What is a Real Psychic Reading?

A real psychic is someone who is sensitive to spiritual forces that we cannot see, feel or smell. We usually go to a psychic to get confirmation of a decision we have made or are about to make. A psychic reading can give us some insight into our future.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Psychic Ability Tests

It is said that everyone has some psychic ability. Some of us are aware of our special powers and are better tuned in to our abilities than others. Then there are some who are not quite sure what type of gift they might have. Use psychic ability tests to see if you have the right stuff.

Free Online Readings

In many instances the phrase, “you get what you pay for” holds out. It can be true also with free psychic advice. If you are looking for free psychics, whether it is a free online psychic or free psychic advice in person, you should only be thinking about getting a feel for the psychic and determining if this is someone you want to pay money to.

What is a Real Psychic?

A psychic is defined as someone who claims to sense things that are outside of the normal realm of our five senses. A psychic reading helps people who are unsure of which direction to take. People who are about to make a big decision may come to a psychic for help in determining if their decision is correct.

Psychic Frauds, Fakes and Shams – CAUTION – 8 Psychic Tricks You Must Not Fall For Ever Again!

I wish there were NO fake psychics out there. I really wish that all intuitives were ABOVE board, honest and completely forthcoming with REAL facts as well. But the simple truth is, no matter how much we may wish that everyone in life was honest, the fact remains that many people simply are not.

What Does the Lovers Tarot Card Mean?

The Lovers card is the seventh card in the sequence of the tarot deck. The image of the Lovers, like the collection of concepts they represent, is a multi-faceted one. On one hand, they do represent the obvious concepts of sexuality and love itself. However, on the other hand, they are also representative of divine love, the potential duality of love, and all the intricacies of a close relationship between any two beings.

What is the Meaning of the Hierophant Tarot Card?

The Hierophant is the sixth card in the tarot deck, as well as the third and final part of the body-mind-spirit triad. As the Emperor and Empress represent body and mind respectively, so the Hierophant represents the eternal realm of the spirit. The number traditionally associated with him is five. Many tarot readers feel this represents the four elements plus one more to represent spirit itself.

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