Don’t let anything put you off! 6 May 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Don’t let anything put you off! 6 May 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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The Differences Between Clairvoyance And Mediumship

There is quite a significant difference linking clairvoyance and mediumship, although they both belong to the involvement of the parapsychology, they evoke diverse scope of participation or association. For clairvoyance refers to the capacity of obtaining knowledge about a thing, individual, site or a concrete occurrence or incident beyond normal human perception. And, mediumship is asserted capacity of an individual (the medium) to gain knowledge by interacting with souls, apparitions, angels, demons, and other unknown forces or beings.

Past Life Readings

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Most people are interested in knowing about past life readings and whether they are accurate or just impractical ideas. How would you feel if somebody tells you that most of your problems are the result of your past life disturbances?

Psychic Phone Calls – What Should I Expect When Speaking to a Telephone Psychic?

Are psychic phone calls intimidating? Are they scary… or worth getting nervous about in advance? What is it REALLY like to talk to a live psychic, on the phone… from the comfort of your own home? Is it any different that going to see a psychic in person, or is the process of what to ask… and what to expect, actually quite similar?

Choosing Your First Pendulum – Or Does It Choose You?

There are so many things to consider when you begin shopping for your first pendulum – what should it be made of? Does shape matter – they come in so many! Some people say your pendulum should choose you – what do they mean?

Live Psychic Readings – The BIGGEST Advantage To Talking to a Psychic Right NOW!

Are you thinking about calling or visiting a psychic and NOT sure what sort of reading you need? Or maybe you’ve found a specific psychic you really want to speak to…but just learned they require days, weeks or even MONTHS before they’re available for a reading? Or maybe…like others, you are considering getting an email reading, or even trying an inexpensive automated psychic service that gives you your “advice” a few days after you submit your request or seek out their guidance?

Musings of a Bewildered Psychic

Being psychic may have its perks; however, like anything shrouded in deep mystery, it does have its shortcomings. As a society we’ve managed to gain just enough information and understanding of our spiritual selves to be dangerous. That said, seeking advice from a psychic can be a daunting task at best; understanding what to look for and how to look is one of the most important advantages you can arm yourself against those dangers.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Further Musings of a Bewildered Psychic

Not long ago if someone reported hearing voices they would have been immediately locked up, tied down, and forced to take anti-psychotic medications along with a few other choice barbaric treatments. How do we know where to draw the line between mystic and madman, and better yet; how can we be certain? Questions like these not only give pause to thought, but also beg for a greater degree of attention, understanding and compassion.

Professional Psychic Skills: Part Two

Professional psychic skills, in my view, have one purpose in mind and that is to empower you. Personal empowerment means a total balance of the mind, body, and spirit connection. At the very least a good psychic reading gives energy to the seeker. This is a positive kind of energy and the seeker leaves feeling better and with a clearer mindset. It is useful to get a positive boost so we can raise our own individual personal power.

Why See a Psychic? The Best Reason To See a Psychic Medium Even If You Don’t Believe!

What is the best reason to see a psychic medium? Is it for the curiosity factor? Or for the adventure? Or maybe just the experience itself is well worth having REGARDLESS of what you believe is true? Are there any proven BENEFITS to getting a psychic medium reading, or is it all just fun, entertainment and small minded silliness instead?

Am I Psychic? Exploring Astral Travel and The Evidence for Genuine Psychic Powers

Am I psychic? What psychic abilities are even possible to explore? Does “being psychic” mean I can see or read the future? And what psychic exercises are available to TEST my abilities….without doing anything dangerous, dubious or even downright WEIRD? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what it means to be psychic….and how simple exercises like astral travel and induced OBE experiences MAY be the very best evidence we have that psychic abilities are true!

Online Psychics – Separating the Good From the Bad

There are some things in life that seem unanswerable. Will my future children be boys or girls? Will I find my soul mate over the next year? What happened to my childhood cat when he ran away? Will I have my dream job within a decade? These, and more, are all questions that many people wonder about. But there is a way you can find out! A session with an online psychic may provide you with the answers you seek.

Is There Time And Bodily Sensation In An After-Life Of Spirit?

There are numerous near death experiences reporting the appearance of time and bodily sensation in a realm of consciousness beyond the grave. These are in line with a huge volume of meticulously written up testimony regarding the unusual personal experiences of Emanuel Swedenborg. His visions spanned the last 27 years of his life. He discovered he could see, hear and feel in a non-physical dimension that he termed `the spiritual world’.

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