EVERYTHING You Need To Hear *What Your SOUL Is URGING You To Know* ULTRA PERSONALIZED & Accurate💫

EVERYTHING You Need To Hear *What Your SOUL Is URGING You To Know* ULTRA PERSONALIZED & Accurate💫

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Astrology Based Psychic Readings

One of the most popular types of psychic readings is based upon the astrological sign of the individual receiving the insights. This article provides a historical overview of astrology and the process used by modern astrologers to provide such a reading.

How Can a Psychic Reading Uncover Lottery Numbers?

Isn’t that what most people say they want?  To win the lottery and have all their problems solved by all that money…

Are All Psychics Accurate? Buyer BEWARE! Learn How to Spot a Psychic Sham Before It’s Too Late

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Are all psychics accurate? Do all psychics have the very SAME skills? And what are the signs that a psychic is actually pulling a fast one, a SCAM or simply trying to pretend that they have special skills when they really just want my money? In this article we are going to to take a quick and easy look at how to spot a psychic sham BEFORE you spend too much money, waste too much time or invest too much energy in the process. (Like I’ve done FAR times too many!)

Magical Writing

In the ancient lands of Egypt, citizens wrote letters to the dead asking them to help influence the events of the days and carved hieroglyphics to encode sacred writings. Ancient magicians, wizards, and Hedge Witches used cryptography to keep the mysteries of their power and healing secret. Even King Solomon got into the act involving 72 spirits, all recorded in the grimoire, The Key of Solomon.

New Moon Energy Reading December 2010

The energy of desires being fulfilled is strong. It is definitely indicated that now is the time to be taking conscious action. Energy that’s been building is…

Meeting the Crystalline Angels

Mystics believe that each crystal has a spiritual energy or its own and it also has its own angel. Many angel shapes are easily seen in some crystals. Others remain hidden to view, but deeply connected to the crystal where they can help you manifest or deepen your psychic skills.

Mystical Breathing for Scrying

Mystical Breathing before scrying is an important technique that can increase the power of your sessions with crystal balls, crystals, water, and even while reading Tarot or Oracle cards. Breathe is life and it gives life to whatever we desire. It stimulates, not only the body, but the brain where it can awaken creativity, or open Spiritual Channels. Ancient Tantric and Taoist treatises record the power of combining breaths and the proper timing for the best results.

How Do Psychic Mediums Work?

Psychic mediums use various spiritual methods to make people aware of their problems and provide valuable advice to get rid of their situations. People who have the abilities to perceive states, information and situations than normal individuals cannot with their five senses are psychic mediums. Psychics have abilities to connect with the world that is beyond our imagination.

The Use Of Live Psychic Chat

Live psychic chat can help you to sort out difficulties in your life through a computer, Internet connection and headphone. Live psychic chat websites are extremely popular due to the technological advancements. Online psychic chat websites are popular because they are free and you can get free psychic readings just with a click of a button.

Do Online Psychics Know How To Tell Future?

Expert online psychics can tell you about your future through psychic readings and their spiritual connections. There are expert psychics who know how to tell future, but these online psychics are hard to find. But there are certain reputed online psychic chat websites where you can come across expert psychics.

3 Signs You Are Psychic – How to Tell If You’ve Got EXTRAORDINARY Psychic Powers

Who else thinks they MIGHT be psychic? Do you occasionally have experiences you can’t seem to explain in a conventional sense? Do you often wonder is something you’ve seen, or SENSED happened exactly how you imagined it… or whether you MAY be going nuts? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some simple signs you are psychic, and some of the amazing things being reported by ordinary people on a pretty regular basis! Read on.

3 Psychic Abilities That Have Been Proven To Be True (100 Years of Research Can’t Be Wrong!)

What psychic abilities have actually PROVEN to be true? Are some psychic skills, or talents scientifically validated, or is the whole area a mess of mystery, myth and misinformation? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at some REAL psychic powers that are pretty much proven to be true… and the simple science that SAYS they’re fact… rather than fiction (even though the skeptics will STILL say they’re all a bunch of bull.)

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