Gemini ❤️💋💔 You Are Forever On Their Mind Gemini! Love, Lust or Loss October 3 – 14 #Tarot

Gemini ❤️💋💔 You Are Forever On Their Mind Gemini! Love, Lust or Loss October 3 - 14 #Tarot

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Gemini individuals, with their captivating charm and enigmatic allure, never fail to leave a lasting impression on the minds of those who encounter them. Whether it is love, lust, or the heart-wrenching experience of loss, Gemini remains an ever-present thought. In this edition of #Tarot, we dive into the realm of Gemini’s intricate emotions and explore the dynamic nature of their relationships. Join us as we navigate through the period of October 3rd to 14th, delving into the depths of Gemini’s heart.

Gemini ❤️💋💔 You Are Forever On Their Mind Gemini! Love, Lust, or Loss October 3 – 14 #Tarot

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Gemini, get ready for an insightful tarot reading featuring the Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck by Secret Tarot. In this video by Secret Tarot, you’ll delve deep into matters of the heart, exploring the themes of love, lust, and loss that may shape your experiences from October 3 to 14. Join the journey as you uncover the hidden messages the cards hold for you.

Heading 1: The Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck

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Secret Tarot has introduced the Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck, a beautifully illustrated tool designed to tap into the depths of the heart. This unique deck can be purchased directly from or, allowing you to bring a touch of magic and guidance into your love life.

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Heading 2: Private Reading Waitlist

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While Secret Tarot offers private readings to provide personalized insights, it’s important to note that the private reading waitlist is currently closed. However, stay tuned for announcements as Secret Tarot occasionally opens up slots for those seeking a more exclusive and tailored experience.

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To stay connected and receive regular updates, follow Secret Tarot on various social media platforms. Whether you prefer bite-sized tarot insights on TikTok, longer videos on Rumble, captivating images on Instagram, quick updates on Twitter, or a holistic experience on Facebook, Secret Tarot has got you covered.

Heading 4: Aledia Charose – Writing Inspiration

Sub-heading 4: Follow Aledia on Instagram and Twitter for her writing

Aledia Charose, the creative mind behind Secret Tarot, not only offers tarot readings but also shares her writing journey. If you enjoy her style and want to explore her talents beyond the realm of tarot, you can follow Aledia on Instagram and Twitter for a glimpse into her captivating writing.

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If you find value in Secret Tarot’s content and would like to support the channel, consider making a donation through PayPal. Your contributions go a long way in helping Secret Tarot continue to provide insightful and entertaining tarot readings for the community.

Heading 6: Important Reminders

Sub-heading 6: Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional services. Secret Tarot is not liable for any actions taken by clients.

It’s crucial to remember that tarot readings, including those provided by Secret Tarot, are solely for entertainment purposes. While the cards can offer guidance and insights, they should never be considered a substitute for professional services such as therapy or counseling. Additionally, Secret Tarot emphasizes that any actions taken based on the readings are solely the responsibility of the clients themselves.


Gemini, as you immerse yourself in the Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck’s mystical world, may you gain a deeper understanding of your romantic journey. Whether it’s the complexities of love, the fiery passions of lust, or the pain of loss, the cards hold powerful messages to guide you. Remember to approach tarot readings with an open heart and a grain of salt, understanding their entertainment value. Let Secret Tarot be your accomplice on this cosmic adventure.


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