Gemini 2021 ❤ Someone To Ease Your Pain Gemini ❤ End Of Year Tarot Prediction

Gemini 2021 ❤ Someone To Ease Your Pain Gemini ❤ End Of Year Tarot Prediction

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Extra Sensory Perception Skills

Do you know that you are psychic and already have strong skills of ESP? Learn how to test and enhance your newly realized talent.

Can I Learn to Become a Psychic Or Psychic Medium With Hypnosis?

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Is it possible for anyone (with a normal functioning brain) to learn to become a psychic or psychic medium (Channel)? Is it possible for anyone to have an out-of-body (astral travel) experience? Yes, it is certainly possible. One of the methods you could use to train yourself to become a psychic medium or to experience astral travel is Hypnosis.

Spiritual and Psychic Healing

There is a kind of spiritual healing which makes use of a psychic’s ability to heal by injecting positive source of energy to rehabilitate and heal a person down with sickness – physical, mental or emotional. It is also called psychic healing and it is a very pure healing method without external medication.

Psychic Abilities and How to Awaken Them

Do you sometimes wonder if you could be psychic? Have there been times when you felt as if you had a sixth sense about something? We all have a bit of intuition inside of us. Find out how you can awaken your abilities more.

Make Your Own Scrying Mirror

Why spend money on a production line built scrying mirror, when you can make your own.  You can make it to your own design – really make it your own. You could also give them away as gifts.

3 Easy Tarot Card Spreads

Spreads are the way in which Tarot cards are organized in a formal manner for conducting a reading. Ideally, in a spread, there are a fixed number of cards which are drawn and are placed in a pattern, where each position stands for something. So, depending on the card drawn and the position where it stood at, the reader can interpret the meaning of the Tarot card.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

When Guidance is Misleading – Clairvoyance Pitfalls

Psychic science distinguishes between low psychic, between mental and high psychic abilities. The mental abilities can be divided in proportion to the consciousness level they work. I shall only affect the low-and middle mental clairvoyance, who works at the astral and mental plane, because that is where the problems largely arise.

Finding Your True Self – Simple Self-Building Techniques

It is noticeable that some seem happy and contented about their life, while a lot of others seem to have no strong drive. Its that ability of these people to be one with their outside surroundings that makes them happy.

Psychic Self-Defense – How To Know And Heal Your Aura

A person’s aura reflects his or her inner condition. Healthy happy people produce strong light auras. Here are some tools for improving your condition and aura.

Personal Development – How To Heal Your Psychic Self

This article discusses the benefits of restoring good health to the psychic self. Benefits accrue not only to individuals but to whole societies.

Developing Your Supernatural Abilities – Answers To 3 Questions On Psychic Self-Defense

What is supernatural to some is perfectly natural to others. Humans have a wide range of abilities, many of which we ignore. Here are some things you should know about your supernatural abilities.

Sharpen Your Psychic Self-Defense Skills – Simple Tips

Improving your psychic self-defense skills requires the same steps as building any skill set. Here are a few things that may help you build better psychic self-defense skills.

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