Gemini May 2021 ❤ “I’ll Be Coming Home To Keep You Satisfied Gemini”

Gemini May 2021 ❤ "I'll Be Coming Home To Keep You Satisfied Gemini"

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Psychic Attacks Can Have a Negative Impact on You

In today’s society, understanding both the negative and the positive aspects of life can be easy once you fully understand the law of attraction. With this you can easily learn how to avoid negative energy and focus on all of the additional things that are available to you. Addressing problems is something that you will have to learn how to do if you want to have success.

Psychic Protection – Why You Should Take Psychic Attack Seriously

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Most people, when attacked with the most extreme psychic attacks only realize afterwards how real this is. The most extreme cases include when people deliberately use black magic, voodoo and other spells to make something bad happen to a person. For such cases psychic protection becomes really difficult and you have to get professional help from energy workers to get rid of all the evil that has been inflicted on you.

Using Psychic Protection to Attract Others to You

Understanding energy is a concept that might seem foreign to you. If not foreign then it might be something that you think that you know something about. If you have never truly studied energy and things like psychic protection then you need to learn more now before it is too late.

Psychic Attacks and Mental Control

Every person in the world will probably experience and feel mind control at some point in their life. The most common of these are when you are out of a relationship and simply cannot understand why you were ever in that relationship in the first place. Another common one is when you think something or feel a certain way but do not know exactly why you think or feel that way.

Psychic Protection – The Many Different Kinds of Psychic Assaults You Need to Know

Psychic attacks are of various types. They vary in the degree on their intensity therefore the psychic protection you seek should correspond well with the intensity of the attack you are facing. There are various kinds of psychic protection techniques that are being utilized.

Psychic Attacks Can Be the Work of One Person

If you have ever been bullied, picked on, or just forced to be around someone that you do not like then you might have felt like that person could ruin your life. The thing is that no one can take control of your life unless you allow them so their negative attitudes and opinions do not have control over you.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Psychic Attacks – How to Know If You Are Under Attack

There are certain symptoms through which you can sense that you are having psychic attacks so that you can take immediate steps to stop or counteract it. First of all if you are going through psychic attacks you will start feeling really fatigued and really tired.

Psychic Protection – How to Combat the Ill Effects of a Psychic Attack

For psychic protection it’s important that you mentally refrain from any perception of darkness that you may have around you. The wisest thing you can do is to live in the present. This is definitely true and a good psychic protection method.

Psychic Protection – Why Simple Spells Won’t Work

All kinds of psychic protection methods exist. They vary depending on the intensity of the attack that you are trying to combat or protect yourself from. People go as far as using spells and rituals for psychic protection.

Full Moon Psychic Energy Reading – March 2011

The energy indicates that mastery will come of what is to follow. (This is interesting with current events at the moment, and the indicated strength of this full moon and equinox.)

Duty and Responsibility

Are you a Spiritual worker or considering becoming one? Have you given much thought to your effect on the people you will be working with and your responsibility to the field? Or have you fallen into the trap of thinking that as long as you’re satisfying the needs of the Spirit World you’re doing fine? I would put it to you that we have three responsibilities: to the general public, to the Spiritual field, and to the Spirit World, and I would put them in that order. Let me tell you why.

Free Psychic Readings: Are They Worth It?

We’ve all seen the offers for free psychic readings, but are they anything more than a flashy promotional tool? If you’re considering such a service, here we examine why it might be worth thinking again.

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