Gemini Mid September 2021 ❤ An Explosive Conversation Gemini

Gemini Mid September 2021 ❤ An Explosive Conversation Gemini

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Our Psychic World Children and All Psychic Kids

There is a show out now called Psychic kids and I can only say that I wrote about this already in one of my articles discussing astral projection and the realities behind it. It was basically a piece of information regarding the Astral Plane being real and how it is part of our evolution. Some people are born with this natural ability of astral projection and then given over to treatments and psychiatric drugs to prevent this from occurring.

How to Connect With a Parent on the Other Side

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Sometimes in times of darkness and trouble, we do want to connect with our deceased parents just to make sure we are still somehow in their loving embrace astrally. The cord between parent and child is said to be eternal and one that does transfer across the cosmos.

2010 Psychic Predictions

The tempo of the US economic recovery period may be disrupted with a few unexpected natural and an international conflict but however fast or slow, one thing for sure is that the unemployment rate will be the lowest in the third quarter of the year since the recession began. From my perspective, we have about a 75-80 percent chance of 2010 being one of the most financially favorable years that we have seen in a long time. The stock market will continue to show productivity offering new opportunities for investors and business, indicating a more aggressive period…

4 Easy Ways to Find a Good Psychic (Never Settle For a Bad Psychic Reading Again!)

Who else wants to find some easy ways to locate a good psychic? Are you interested in getting a great psychic reading, but apprehensive about being ripped off? Do you find it hard to trust some of the ads, or offers you see for “FREE” reading that simply sound too good to be true?

Psychic Powers – Find Out If You Are Psychic and How to Develop Your Powers Through Divination

So you want to know if you are psychic or can become psychic, clairvoyant or have ESP (extra sensory perception)? Well almost certainly the answer is yes as we all have psychic or intuitive skills, its just a question of tapping in to them and being able to understand the messages that come from your subconscious. In this article I will describe various methods of using and testing your powers such as Zener cards, psychic circles and other forms of divination such as tarot cards, crystal balls, and explain the differences between them.

Are Psychics Real? 2 Genuine Facts About Psychic Readings That Are Important to Know

Are psychics real…or simply all good at guessing? Can a medium REALLY talk to the dead…or are they simply making the whole thing up? And is there REALLY any strong scientific fact that supports the existence of genuine psychic powers, or is the whole area just one hotbed of hot air? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at the “truth” behind psychic readings, and see if we can’t shed some important light on what’s REALLY going on behind the psychic scenes as well.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

The History of Psychics at a Glance

Legend has that Pythia used to deliver her oracles in a frenzied state and used to speak complete gibberish as she did it. The gibberish was believed to be the voice of Apollo by priests who then preserved these prophesies in Greek literature. Others believe that Pythia was a very intelligent old woman and used to give prophesies in her own calm voice.

The World of Psychic Reading Unveiled

The modern lifestyle that most of us lead these days leaves little time for self awareness; the fast paced daily routine is the source of stress, both at work and at home. The common problems include a rocky patch in their relationships or bad career decisions and lowered productivity.

How to Get an Accurate Psychic Reading Without Being Deceived, Duped Or Disappointed Ever Again!

Who else is a big fan of psychic energies, readings and just about ANYTHING that has to do with paranormal powers? If you are anything like the vast majority of people who enjoy our articles and comment on our content, the simple truth is that you are super interested in psychic abilities and most likely are looking to get your first reading as well.

Real Psychic Readings – Why Do Psychics Say Different Things? I’m So Confused

Getting a real psychic reading can actually be very elusive. There are so many psychic venues–psychic lines, psychic websites, bookstores, gypsy psychic houses, etc., where you can get a psychic reading. In addition, there are several types of readings that can be experienced. There are clairvoyants, tarot card readers; there are psychics who read runes or tea leaves; or psychics who use other tools to conduct a reading such as numerology and astrology.

Is Mind Reading Really Possible? Find Out Why Many Skeptics Actually Say Yes (Shocking Yet True!)

Can psychic readers really read minds? Are some psychics genuinely naturally adept at tapping into your inner thoughts, emotional energy or even most private fears? The honest truth is, many super skilled psychic mediums, clairvoyants and intuitives can do FAR more than just read minds.

Psychic Readings – Finding the Good From the Bad – Please Read to Be More Aware!

Psychic readings are advertised everywhere these days, and it has never been easier to get a reading either on line or over the telephone or face to face, yet how do you know if the person that is reading for you really is as talented as they say or can offer you the guarantees that they do? Sadly there are a lot of different companies around that state certain things, that over the years and with lots of research on my part I have found to be untrue.

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