Get what you want! 24 April 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Get what you want! 24 April 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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New Age Movement

New Age is the term used to describe a spiritual movement that has developed throughout the Western world mostly during the latter half of the twentieth century, although the term was already used in the beginning of the 19th century. The central precepts of this movement draw on both Western and Eastern spiritual and metaphysical concepts and traditions and blends them with elements of motivational and self help psychology, para-psychology, holistic approaches to health, quantum physics and research into consciousness. The aim of this New Age movement is to create spiritualism without limiting dogmas and borders; a spiritualism…

Mysticism Uncovered

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The basic definitions of Mysticism describe it as a term deriving from the Greek word mystikos, which means initiate, and the knowledge and personal experience of higher states of consciousness, or levels of being exceeding normal human perception. In short, it describes an experience of and communion with a universal energy or Supreme Being.

Benefits Of Meditation

In some minds, the thought of meditation conjures up a picture of years of fasting, hidden away in a Tibetan monastery. Fortunately, this rather drastic step is not required to achieve some of the benefits meditating can provide for an individual.

Astrology Readings

Astrology takes an array of different factors into consideration, from the positions of heavenly objects and the relevant angles between them at the time of a person’s birth to the significance of the twelve signs of the zodiac and the elements they are associated with. Although the actual positions and angles of stars, planets etc vary and therefore have a major impact on a person, the signs of the zodiac and their associated elements signify general traits, which are determined by the corresponding element and its state. The four elements taken into consideration in astrology are those…

Personal Horoscope Readings

People rarely realize just how much work is involved in creating personal horoscopes. Based on the ancient art of astrology, which has been practiced in many cultures for hundreds, if not thousands of years, horoscopes take a multitude of factors involving the position of stars, planets and other heavenly bodies and phenomena present at the time and date a person was born into consideration.

Growth Of Psychic Readings

The global growth of psychic reading has become a huge, rapidly increasing phenomenon over the last century. Aided by increased exposure through the media via televised readings, as well as the ever new and continually advancing opportunities the Internet provides. Psychic reading is enjoying a rapidly growing popularity as ever increasing numbers of people are becoming more familiar with the general concept of psychic phenomena and psychic readings in particular.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Belief Is the First Step To Induce Lucid Dreaming

How to induce lucid dreaming is a question that I get asked commonly. People want to know how to lucid dream for many different reasons – to help them visualize and attract things into their lives, out of simple curiosity, to heal a past hurt or physical ailment or simply for the challenge of being able to control your own dreams. So naturally people look online and find articles all over the internet with ‘simple’ step by step directions on how to do it.

Why We Experience Different Types of Dreams

There are many types of dreams from the lovely ones that you never want to wake from to the horrible ones that leave you sweating and afraid to fall back to sleep. ‘Why do we dream?’ Is a question that has been asked by mankind for centuries and we may be able to answer when we take a quick look at two very different types of dreams people have, their causes and what they are trying to tell us.

How Mediumship Readings Can Help

Unlike many other forms of psychic readings, those given by mediums do not require crystal balls, cards, or any other kind of tools, because mediums use their innate, natural ability to establish communications with beings occupying the higher realms. How a medium can help by using this gift depends on the circumstances relating to the situation in which help is required. Being able to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side, or the afterlife, can help in many different ways.

Finding A Real Clairvoyant Reader

To find a real clairvoyant, it is helpful to first of all understand what it is a clairvoyant does and what his or her abilities are. In essence, whenever phrases like extrasensory perception (ESP), sixth sense, or manifestation of abilities through visions are used, it is likely that they are used in reference to clairvoyance. As a rule, a clairvoyant will use his or her gift to provide information needed to make the right decisions with regards to careers, family problems, friendships or romantic lives and bring peace of mind to clients.

Palm Reading

  Palm reading, palmistry or chiromancy, as it is often called, is basically the art of determining an individual’s character and foretelling the future developments within a person’s life through the careful study of their palm. Often also referred to as chirology, this practice is found in varying forms throughout cultures all around the world. Those practicing chiromancy are usually called palm or hand readers, palmists, chirologists or hand analysts.

Psychic Assistance

The question how a psychic can help any particular individual can not be answered with a simple, one fits all answer. How a psychic can help a person depends first and foremost on the type of help required.

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