June 2023 Astrology : 3 Things To Watch Out For & Harness This Energy!

June 2023 Astrology : 3 Things To Watch Out For & Harness This Energy!

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With the arrival of June 2023, astrological enthusiasts are gearing up to explore the cosmic energies that will influence our lives in the coming month. This month, the heavens are ready to unveil some transformative and potent shifts that are bound to bring significant changes in our personal and professional lives. In this article, we will discuss the top three astrological events that demand our attention and how to harness their energy to our advantage. So, let’s dive into the world of astrology and explore what the universe has in store for us this June.

June 2023 Astrology: 3 Things To Watch Out For & Harness This Energy!

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Are you ready to embrace the powerful energy of June 2023? Astrology enthusiasts are already looking forward to the potent cosmic shifts and celestial alignments that will herald this month. With the right knowledge and skill, you can tap into this energy and bring about significant changes in your life. Keep reading to discover the three things you should watch out for, and how you can harness this energy to your advantage.


The month of June 2023 is expected to be a powerhouse of astrological energy. This is a time when the planets align in ways that create dynamic and transformative effects. Astrologers predict that these shifts will bring about significant changes in various aspects of life, including relationships, career, health, and personal growth. But what exactly are these changes, and how can you make the most of them?

In this article, we will explore some of the essential astrological events taking place in June 2023. We will also highlight the benefits they bring and share tips on how to harness this energy for personal growth. Whether you are new to astrology or a seasoned enthusiast, you will find valuable insights in this article.

Pluto Retrograde in Pisces

Pluto, the planet of transformation, will enter retrograde in Pisces on June 3, 2023. This is a time when we will be confronted with deep-seated fears and emotions that we may have buried or ignored. This retrograde period offers an opportunity to face these fears and transform them into growth and healing.

During this period, we are encouraged to focus on our inner selves and reflect on our past experiences. We should review our relationships, our goals, and our sense of purpose. It is a time to release emotional baggage and let go of patterns that no longer serve us.

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How to harness this energy:

  1. Practice meditation or mindfulness to connect with your inner self
  2. Seek therapy or counseling if you want professional support
  3. Start a journal to keep track of your thoughts and feelings.
  4. Let go of toxic relationships or situations
  5. Start new healthy habits that support your growth

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces

Saturn, the planet of discipline, will enter retrograde in Pisces on June 17, 2023. This retrograde period will test our resolve and challenge us to take responsibility for our actions and decisions. It will offer us an opportunity to strengthen our character and develop resilience.

During this period, we are encouraged to work hard and commit to our goals. We should take stock of our resources, set clear priorities, and manage our time wisely. It is a time to be patient and deliberate in our actions, and to learn from our mistakes.

How to harness this energy:

  1. Set clear and achievable goals
  2. Plan your schedule and prioritize your tasks
  3. Take responsibility for your actions and decisions
  4. Be patient and persistent, even when faced with challenges
  5. Learn from your mistakes and use them as opportunities for growth.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Neptune, the planet of spirituality and intuition, will enter retrograde in Pisces on June 21, 2023. This retrograde period will offer us an opportunity to deepen our connection with higher consciousness and to explore our spiritual potential.

During this period, we are encouraged to listen to our intuition and to be open to spiritual insights. We should explore our dreams and visions, cultivate compassion, and develop our creative potential. It is a time to connect with our higher selves and to seek guidance from the divine.

How to harness this energy:

  1. Practice mindfulness and self-reflection
  2. Engage in creative activities such as art, music, or writing
  3. Develop your intuition through meditation or other spiritual practices
  4. Cultivate compassion and kindness towards others and yourself
  5. Seek guidance from spiritual advisors, mentors, or teachers


The astrological events of June 2023 offer us an exciting opportunity for growth and transformation. If we approach this period with a positive and open mindset, we can leverage this energy to improve various aspects of our lives. The key is to be mindful, deliberate, and focused on our personal growth.

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  1. What should I do if I’m feeling overwhelmed during these retrograde periods?
    It’s essential to practice self-care during these times. Make sure you are getting enough rest, exercise, and healthy food. Seek support from friends or a professional counselor if you need it.

  2. Can these retrograde periods affect my relationships?
    Yes, these periods can bring out heightened emotions and tensions in relationships. It’s essential to communicate clearly and honestly with your loved ones, set boundaries, and practice compassion.

  3. What is the Empress Club community?
    The Empress Club is a community of women that offers support, guidance, and resources for personal growth and empowerment.

  4. Do I need to have prior knowledge of astrology to sign up for classes?
    No, Soulful Revolution offers classes for all levels of astrology knowledge, from beginner to advanced.

  5. Can I book a personal reading with Soulful Revolution?
    Soulful Revolution does offer personal reading sessions, but they are subject to availability. Please refer to their disclaimer on their website for more information.

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