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This Month Through the Lens of Uranian Astrology: April 2012 Part 2

Also, Mercury will be 22 1/2 to Uranus and will be midpoint Jupiter and Pluto. With these planetary pictures the stock market should be up on the 17th. This positive financial picture should continue into the 18th as Venus moves to the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto, and the Sun will be opposite Apollon – which means that the global financial picture looks positive on the 18th.

Understanding Numerology the Easy Way

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Numerology is often defined in many different ways. It is always believed that numbers play a very critical role in our life. Numerology is considered as understanding the science of numbers which are believed to be connected with our life. It’s a psychic art of figuring how numbers can influence our life and future.

Have I Lived Before? Warning! The Weird Truth About Past Lives You MUST Not Ignore

Who else has had a strange feeling that they’ve lived before? Do you ever have a powerful sense that you’ve been somewhere in the past….even though you know it’s impossible that you were? Or maybe you’ve met someone for the very first time, and yet you can’t shake the feeling that they’re VERY familiar, or you feel like you’ve known them forever? Or maybe you have just picked up a new hobby or personal passion and find that you are just naturally REALLY, really good at it……and it seems to come to you far easier than it should?

Numerology and the Number 5: 7 Very 5 Oriented Things

We sometimes find a subject who has a significant over-abundance of a certain root number, such as the number 5. Below we list 7 things people with a lot (dozens of factors) of the number 5 in their comprehensive numerology charts have an affinity toward.

Uranian Astrology Forcast for the Beginning of Spring

I want to wish my readers a Happy Passover and or a Happy Easter. Mercury is now direct and I am late again… astrology to blame! First Mercury stationed to go direct April 3rd and 4th. Now on the 6th of April, I am preparing myself to go to a Passover Seder and since the first Seder night falls on the Sabbath we won’t eat till midnight.

The Transforming Power of Pluto in the Birth Chart

Looking into the transforming power of Pluto. The effects it has on our lives and the way it operates in the Birth Chart. Like nature Pluto only destroys for the sake of growth. As we are part of the evolutionary process, greater understanding about its energy can help in going through some difficult experiences.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Inside The Capricorn Mind

Capricorn is one of the most focussed and enigmatic signs of the zodiac. If you are, or know, a Capricorn then this will help explain their unique strengths and abilities.

Listening to the Pulse of Time: Astrological Predictions for April 2012

The Pluto Square to Uranus Is Getting Tighter This month. Pluto will go retrograde on April 10 and moving closer towards the exact square with Uranus which will happen the first time in June 9, the first one out of 7 squares between these volatile planets we have been talking about for a while now. The God of the underworld and hell realms, Pluto is squaring off with the God of lightning and earth quakes, Uranus and even your next door neighbor might be nodding his head in having figured out that something big is going on…

Whither the Scoundrel?

In Chinese fortune-telling, one of the most extensively asked (by client) and foretold (by fortune-tellers) topic is that of the scoundrel (also widely known as “Xiao Ren” in Mandarin). Clients typically asked because they want to rid of the scoundrels in their life while fortune-tellers shares because they can peddle products and ornaments to such clients.  Many of the commercialized fortune-tellers prey on the fear of the Xiao Ren by Chinese.

Is FATE Real? How to Avoid Being a Victim (Hint – Change Your Destiny!)

What is fate? Are we all destined to live certain lives, face unavoidable problems and struggle with things that we can’t change…..no matter how hard we try? what role does destiny, or the idea that our lives follow a certain script or plan play in our spiritual growth and development? Or… is all of this just new age nonsense and silly to consider at all? The truth is, regardless of what you believe, the idea of fate, free will and destiny has been debated by scientists, philosophers, religious thinkers, mystics and mediums for thousands of years.

Decoding the Gemini’s Personality

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, and this article attempts to explain this most mercurial of star signs! If you know a Gemini then this might be helpful in decoding their behavior.

Is Destiny Real? How to Live a Life of PASSION and Purpose (The Spiritual SECRET to HAPPINESS)

Are you happy? Do you feel truly fulfilled and authentically empowered by the life you are living right now? Do you believe in the power of purpose, and do you feel a KARMIC connection to the adventure of being alive? The sad truth is…MOST people are not. As Henry David Thoreau once so famously said…”most men lives lives of quiet desperation…with the song still in them.” And what could be sadder than that?

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