LEO : Kicking OUT The Shadow | Mid-September 2023 Zodiac Tarot Reading

LEO : Kicking OUT The Shadow | Mid-September 2023 Zodiac Tarot Reading

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Welcome, dear readers, to our blog post on LEO – Kicking OUT The Shadow. As we dive into the captivating realms of the zodiac and tarot, we invite you to join us on this journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. In this mid-September 2023 Zodiac Tarot Reading, we will unravel the mysteries hidden within the celestial alignment, shedding light on what lies ahead for those born under the majestic sign of Leo. So, come along as we explore the depths of the Leo constellation and delve into the profound insights that lie within the cards. Let us embark on this transformative adventure together.

LEO: Kicking OUT The Shadow | Mid-September 2023 Zodiac Tarot Reading


Welcome, Leo, to our mid-September 2023 Zodiac Tarot Reading. We are here to provide you with an in-depth and soulful look into the energy surrounding your life during this time. Through the power of tarot, we aim to shed light on any shadows lurking in your path and guide you towards a brighter future. So, let’s dive right in!

Heading 1: Leo and the Shadows

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As a fire sign, Leo, you are known for your passion, creativity, and strong presence. However, like any other zodiac sign, you too have your shadow side. This month, it’s time for you to confront and kick out those shadows that may be hindering your progress.

Sub-heading: Identifying the Shadows

To address your shadows, Leo, we must first identify them. The tarot cards can act as a mirror, reflecting the aspects of your personality that may need healing or transformation. With our tarot reading, we aim to highlight the areas in your life where shadows may be lurking.

Sub-heading: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

As we delve deeper into your tarot reading, Leo, it’s important for you to release any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Embracing a growth mindset is crucial for your personal and spiritual development. Remember, you have within you the power to overcome any obstacle.

Heading 2: Our Offerings for a Deeper Look

If you feel the need for a more extensive exploration of your tarot reading, we offer an Extended Reading. This reading provides a detailed analysis of the cards drawn specifically for you, allowing you to gain further insights and guidance. This additional offering ensures that you receive a comprehensive understanding of the messages from the universe.

Heading 3: Soulful Revolution Memberships for Healing and Astrology

At Soulful Revolution, we believe in the power of healing and astrology as transformative tools. To support you on your journey, we offer different membership options tailored to your specific needs. These memberships provide access to exclusive content, personalized guidance, and community support. Whether you’re seeking healing or a deeper understanding of astrology, our memberships have you covered.

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Heading 4: Featured Classes for Personal Growth

As part of our commitment to your personal growth, we offer various featured classes. These classes cover a wide range of topics, including reprogramming the subconscious mind and nurturing self-love. Each class is designed to empower you to become the best version of yourself. Remember, Leo, investing in your personal growth is a key step towards kicking out the shadows and embracing your full potential.

Heading 5: Tarot Decks and Exclusive Content

For your tarot reading, we use specific tarot decks that resonate with the energy of Leo. One such deck is the Soul’s on Fire Tarot Deck, which infuses fiery energy and passion into your reading. Additionally, we recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel, where we provide exclusive content related to tarot readings, astrology, and personal growth. By subscribing, you’ll be the first to access valuable insights and guidance.

Heading 6: Connect with Us

We understand the importance of staying connected, Leo. You can find us on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok. We regularly post updates, tarot card reveals, and inspirational content to keep you motivated on your journey. We invite you to join our community, The Empress Club, where you can connect with like-minded individuals and share your experiences. For further information, don’t forget to visit our official website.


Leo, the mid-September 2023 Zodiac Tarot Reading serves as a guide to help you kick out the shadows and embrace your true power. As you navigate through this transformative period, remember to let go of limiting beliefs, seek deeper insights through our Extended Reading, and explore the healing and astrological resources offered through our Soulful Revolution Memberships. By investing in your personal growth and connecting with us, you can navigate the challenges ahead with confidence.


  1. Q: How can I book an Extended Reading?
    A: You can book an Extended Reading by visiting our official website and choosing the desired option.

  2. Q: Are the tarot decks used in the reading specific to Leo?
    A: Yes, the tarot decks we use are selected to resonate with the energy of Leo.

  3. Q: Can I join The Empress Club even if I’m not a Leo?
    A: Absolutely! The Empress Club welcomes individuals from all zodiac signs who are seeking connection and support.

  4. Q: How often do you post on social media platforms?
    A: We strive to share regular updates and inspirational content across all our social media platforms.

  5. Q: Why should I be cautious of personal readings offered via social media?
    A: It’s important to be cautious as individuals offering personal readings via social media may not have the expertise or genuine intentions to guide you effectively.

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