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What is a Psychic? Am I One?

Are you afraid to talk about your gifts of insight? Do others tell you that you are too sensitive? Do you see or know things before it happens? The truth of the matter is that everyone has extra sensory abilities or psychic-ness. It is what the common-or-garden term used these days is your ‘gut feeling’, intuition, sixth sense…that little voice in your head that tells you otherwise. It is the sense that tells you to avoid a certain place or person without any logical reason. Everything and everyone has a psychic ability that we either choose to use or ignore. It is just a matter of being aware of your own unique gift.

Psychics and Psychic Abilities – Why Bother?

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What can psychics — or psychic abilities — do for you? Is it a matter of faith… or fraud? Is the future inevitable? In this article, learn some important truths about psychics and psychic gifts.

Vashikaran – The Esoteric Science of Tantra

Vashikaran is an Ancient Esoteric Science bestowed by the Mystics and Sages of India. This practice was concealed and hidden for eons. Vashikaran Tantra was only confined to a particular sect like Nath and Aghor practitioners. Vashikaran is primarily put to use to bring the Desired Love under your Influence by the powers of Tantra.

Tarot Reading

Ever wonder what life has in store for you next? Are you interested in what the signs are saying? Are you having a rough time of it lately, and in need of some good insight? If these are the questions that you are asking yourself, than you have come to the right place!

Predict Your Future – Become Psychic! It Will Change Your Life – I Promise

If you don’t know it by now, the fastest way to predict your future is to design it yourself! Yes, what I mean by that is no matter what you really want in life is achievable if you truly believe in yourself enough to go after it with full force and make it happen. Don’t just be psychic, make your dreams come true today!

Psychic Predictions and Horoscopes For 2009

First Impression: The words that came for 2009 were “…a river of blood, a river of change”. The potential for bloodshed, big earth changes and revolution show up in 2009. Change is transformational: major change keeps on coming, like a river rolling along, changing the landscape, depositing people in new places.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Speeding Up and Slowing Time

We have all experienced time running at different speeds. The day of my daughter’s wedding last year flashed by in the blink of an eye. I still puzzle how so much could happen and yet the entire day seemed to last an hour.

Use Past Life Regression to Heal Your Past

What will I see in a Past Life Regression Session? Most people will have some sort of a visual image. Right now think of the colour of your own front door.

Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

Imagine being able to travel into the future and see what is happening in your life, in the world and beyond. Imagine seeing who is in your life, where you work and live. What would it be like to have the ability to see which decisions have worked out in your favour – and which choices would turn out to be disasters?

How Would You Like a Tarot Card Reading?

Now I know this must seem really unreal for the person that is a skeptic, but really if its free and you still find yourself to be a skeptic in the end, then you really didn’t lose out on anything, now did you?!?

The Thoth Tarot Deck

The Thoth Tarot Deck was a tarot deck developed by the English occultist Aleister Crowley and illustrated on his instructions by Lady Frieda Harris. Learn about the origin, meaning, and use of the thoth tarot deck.

Magic Spells, Prayers, Curses And Chants

Do you have everything you want? Are you happy? Are you content? How about your love life? Can it be improved? Can you use more money, more often? How is your health? Do you want to feel stronger, more energetic, more powerful? How life is treating you? Would you like to change your circumstances? Would you like to effect future so that when it arrives you will be happier? What about the present? Are you plagues by setbacks, obstacles, and petty annoyances? Do people stand between you and success?

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