LEO – ‘SOMEONE IS COMING BACK AROUND – Love/Career/Money/Spirituality Tarot Reading April 2021

LEO - ‘SOMEONE IS COMING BACK AROUND - Love/Career/Money/Spirituality Tarot Reading April 2021

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Psychic Predictions for Love – How to Tell If THIS Is the Year You’ll Find Happiness

Have you ever gone to a psychic or spiritual intuitive for love advice? Have you ever secretly wondered what tarot, or a love horoscope or astrology can tell you about your romantic future? If you said YES.

Psychic FAQ: How Accurate Are Phone Readings?

2021 PROPHECY Comes True 2 A.M. Tonight-Learn More

Q: What are the advantages of speaking to a psychic on the telephone versus seeing them face to face? Aren’t phone readings a bit less accurate, or less professional than seeing a spiritual professional in their place of business or home? And doesn’t distance.

New Moon in Libra, Renew Your Relationships

Once a year, we have a New Moon in Libra. This is a wonderful opportunity to look at all your relationships and see how you can achieve more balance and harmony. This includes not only your relationships with other people, but also your relationship with yourself, your money, your health, your work, your spirituality.

What Does My Future Look Like? How to See Your Own Future (No Psychic Required)

What does my future hold? Will I get married? Will I be rich, successful and happy?

The Top List of Reasons to See a Psychic Medium

What are the benefits of seeing a medium? Are mediums or spiritual advisors only good for making contact with the dead…

Permeating Your Intuitive Soul, The Month of the Libra, 2013

Allowing Autumn’s Alignment! Knowing our Sun is entering the leadership sign of The Scales upon Equinox, another season has now initiated. Libra not only wishes us to find understanding within our relationships, but permeate the intuition of how we relate in all areas of our earthly existence. The weeks ahead are wise to be spent in fairness, the practice of peace, compassion, and weighing the pros and cons accordingly. Look to your Libra piece of the Zodiac Pie to see where your sixth sense is called to seek to understand, in order to unite in wholeness with what will begin to be understood anew here.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Using Astrology To Define The Future From The Past

Astrology shows the energy patterns that created our past and will do so in the future without self-awareness. The Birth chart used as a tool towards self-awareness can put fate back into our own hands.

Love Compatibility for Aquarius and Gemini: Using Astrology in Your Relationship

When it comes to love it’s already written in the stars. If you’re considering a potential romance with a Gemini or currently in a relationship discover the true compatibility of the Aquarius and Gemini signs and how to make the passion last.

How to Remember Your Past Lives (The Easy Way To Get PROOF You’ve Lived Before)

There are many cool ways to remember your past lives. And believe it or not, there are many smart, serious and scientific people who have become convinced that not only have THEY lived a past life (or many past lives) but that the ideas of karma, and LIFE purpose are not spiritually silly concepts..

Astrology for Personal Growth: 4 Simple Steps for Using the Moon to Reach Your Goals (Powerful!)

Do you want to learn how to use astrology to improve your life but feel overwhelmed by too many things happening in the skies at once? This article teaches you how to get started by explaining four simple steps to begin using the monthly changes of the Moon to enrich your process of personal growth.

New Moon in Virgo – Clean Out Your Closets!

Once a month at each New Moon we get another chance to start afresh, to get rid of the old and to make a new beginning. The house in which the New Moon falls in your chart will show which life area has the focus for this new start, where you should be willing to discard what is not working for you, and where you have the opportunity to start anew.

Will I Get Promoted? 2 Spiritual Strategies For Attracting The PERFECT Job (Your Soul Knows)

Will I get promoted? Will I get that job offer I’ve been pining for, or will I get passed over once again? What canI do to increase my odds of getting a higher paying position, without having to wait weeks, months or even years for a job I truly want, deserve and NEED to succeed?

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