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Medium Readers – Where Mediums Can Be Found

The mystical animal that is the medium reading is an unregulated force of nature which operates at different levels of potency, there are good and bad medium readers just like any service operating in society, but lack of an ordered and regulated system (apart from the SNU) in no way restricts its potency and magic. The media plays a gigantic part in the very wrong portrayal of a modern day medium and their role in society today. I shall go back to basics dear reader and explain first of all where you will find collections of each type of…

World Of Online Mediums

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The internet has brought much to the world making it a smaller place and enhancing communications. It is most definitely a force for the good and in terms of spiritual readings of a mediumistic or psychic nature the range and offering of this type of service has now opened up into vast quantities. Of course every man and his dog will always try and take advantage of this type of opportunity and so dear reader it is very important that you seek the true spiritual readers of our world.

Know The Basic Astral Travel Concepts Before You Begin

Let us think for an instant that you are sleeping and really deep in sleep. In your sleep you feel you have left your body and are floating above. But your body is still there in your bed soundly sleeping and you can see it. This is the time you may come to your reason and think you are dead. Frightened and afraid you scream. This is overwhelming but now you are back in your bed and observe that you are not dead after all. Do you dream or experience something like this?

How to Control Vibrations to Reach Astral Projection

Astral projection is where the mind and the body separate and exist as different states, many times while conscious of both. Learning how to control vibrations can allow you to reach this separation. Keys as well as specific techniques on how to control vibrations to reach astral projection are discussed.

Love Tarot – 3 Tips On How To Perform A Reading

There are some specialized tarot cards that claim they’re meant especially for love tarot readings but don’t be fooled. All tarot cards can be used for divination purposes, whether your question is about your love life, your money matters or the impact of money matters on your love life.

How to Cleanse Your Aura

Learn few simple ways of cleansing your aura. Also, learn how often you should cleanse your aura.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

How to Find an Accurate Psychic Online WITHOUT Wasting Time or Money on FAKES

Who else is looking for an accurate psychic, and is sick and tired of the hype, the “free’ readings and the suspicious sales pages that sound too good to be true? Are you in need of genuine psychic advice, and simply don’t have time to waste? If you are anything like I used to be……finding a good psychic you can trust can often take LONGER than the psychic reading itself by a factor of 100.

Real Phone Psychics – WARNING! What the Skeptics AND Psychic Hotlines Don’t Want You to Know

Are phone psychics real? Can you really get a legitimately informative, insightful and enlightening psychic reading on the telephone? It amazes how much BAD information there is out there about phone psychics, mediums and clairvoyants…and believe it or not, the myths come from BOTH the psychic services AND the skeptics alike. (it’s not very often THOSE two groups get lumped in together, either.

Online Tarot Card Reader – 3 Tips on How To Use Them

An online tarot card reader may be a complete computer software or a piece of script (program code) embedded on a website for visitors or members to use. The use of the program may be free for everyone, or the website may ask for registration for some sort of membership before the person can use the reader. Is something like this useful to the tarot reader?

Solstice Energy Reading December 2010

With the global energy increase over the year, we are seeing much more quickly things come to be. “From thought to reality in a blink of an eye.” So take time…

How to Get a Good Psychic Reading on Modest Budget (Say NO to Psychic Fakes)

Are you curious to know what your future holds, but don’t have weeks to wait to see a “celebrity” psychic? Or, are you an open minded skeptic like I used to be….and looking for first hand PROOF that psychic readings are legitimate, and only trust your OWN experience to find out? Regardless of your reasons or motivations, the good news is, you CAN get professional and elite psychic advice from the comfort of your own home…and you don’t need to spend more than 10 or 20 dollars to make it happen.

Worried About DISHONEST Psychics? 3 Sure Shot Signs a Psychic Is NOT Honest (No Bull!)

Who else is worried about dishonest psychics? Are you serious about exploring the power and potential that YOUR karma may have in store, but skeptical about being ripped off, or taken advantage of by unscrupulous psychics? If you said YES….the simple truth is, you are NOT alone.

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