Let life surprise you 20 August 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Let life surprise you 20 August 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Psychic Reading

Getting a psychic reading? If so, you must know these 5 things that will ultimately prepare you for your purchase, and all that it entails. Be confident in a buy that will turn out to be the ultimate invest you will make all year!

The Psychic Toy Box

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Hidden under the lid of the toy box lie games that can be used to develop your psychic skills. Take a look at what’s buried in there with an eye toward psychic tools rather than entertainment or keeping the children out of your hair and you might be surprised at what you find.

The Magic of Fire

Fire has been important to magic for longer than civilization’s written history or its memory. From ancient to modern man, mankind has worshiped the sun (fire). They knew it had the power to create (grow crops etc.) and the power to destroy, so it was a natural pairing with magical work.

How To Use Psychic Ability To Make Airport Travel Easier

You’re heading to the airport to travel for the holidays.  Which type of traveler are You? Do You recognize yourself as the uptight, worried and fearful person? Or do You think of yourself as the relaxed, easy-going, loving traveler?

The Magic of Air

Most of us unconsciously breathe. Many have a habit of mouth breathing, or using only the top lobes of their lungs. To empower your magic work, develop psychic breathing. Fresh air and deep breathing will strengthen your clairvoyance while balancing and relaxing your body, allowing a more clear focus and deeper insight.

The Magic of Water

Water has been a place of magic for centuries. Water has always been seen as containing much more than minnows and sharks.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Mazes Aren’t Just for Corn

Mazes may be seen as child’s play, but they can play an important role into developing Seership and Psychic Skills. Let go of the perception of the maze as a game or play and see them as a tool.

The Magic of Candles

The symbol of visionary light, candles have been used for centuries to enhance meditation and for creation. They are considered magical and mysterious. They create light where there was none and so are used for Seership-to see into the darkness for guidance.

Meeting the Ancient Seers

Ancient cultures relied on Seers for wisdom and insight. They may have been the locale Priestess in the Temple or one of the Moon Goddesses/Gods the temples were built to honor. The temples were most often dedicated to Goddesses because the moon was symbolic of the feminine forces. These energetic forces were considered the more sensitive of the two natures (male/female) and therefore more able to receive deep insights and information from other realms.

Psychic Intuition Can Tell You When It’s Time To Leave Your Relationship

Psychic intuition is incredibly helpful when you are identifying whether or not you should leave your relationship. By learning how to listen to your psychic intuition, your decision will come with ease. Although breaking up is never easy, you can trust that you are doing the right thing for both you and your partner.

You Can Communicate With Your Spirit Guide

The process of communicating with your own personal spirit guide is not as difficult as you might imagine. To begin, you need to make sure you find a space where you can spend some time alone and feel comfortable. It’s also suggested that you practice communicating with your personal spirit guide at least once week. Over time, your communication efforts will come with ease.

Aids for Scrying

While nothing increases your ability to scry like practice, practice, practice, there are some things that will aid you when using your psychic tools for scrying. While there are many aids to strengthen your scrying sessions. There are some of the more widely available ones.

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