Let yourself be guided 12 June 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Let yourself be guided 12 June 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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Tarot Reading and Other Mystic Skills

Unlike other forms of reading, the knowledge that is gained from the observance of Tarot cards, palmistry or astrology is not something that relies on the psychic ability of a person. Instead, it is a learnt skill that must be acquired through study.

Psychic Readings – An Accurate Definition

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Many people associate psychic readings with anything that attempts to explore an individual’s past, present or future without any other knowledge. This is correct to a degree, but it is important to remember which readings require genuine psychic ability, and which readings are based on learnable skills.

Psychic Astrology and Predictions For September 2009

Psychic predictions about the near and far future beginning September 2009, and how to deal with Mercury retrograde. Featuring personal guidance for the fire, water, air, and earth signs, and how to stay centered through challenging astrological aspects hitting mid-month.

Self-Discovery Through Teaching Yourself Tarot Mastery

There are as many ways to read Tarot as there are people doing it. Most people don’t really read the cards, they use the colors or use a few to get an idea, and go on from there, talking to spirits or something. Mastery of Tarot, by introducing yourself to it, involves asking questions you already know the answer to, to get YOUR meaning of the cards, and keeping a notebook of those meanings. Mastery of Tarot pays off like mastery of cooking: Those recipes are all yours! And mastery of Tarot allows you to psychoanalyze yourself…and others.

Do You Have Psychic Powers?

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic abilities? How many times have you thought of something and it happened? For example, thinking about someone you haven’t seen for a while and suddenly the person calls you or you bump into him or her in the street.

Do You Believe in the Sixth Sense?

This sixth sense here is not about the movie, “The Sixth Sense” by M. Night Shyamalan released in 1999. The sixth sense I am talking about here is not telepathy, but the bodily warning signal. It would try to give me the attention about something that will be happening to me in near future. I do not know when. It could be today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or next week.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

7 Ways to Make Sure You Receive a Life Changing Online Tarot Cards Reading

If you’re considering an online Tarot cards reading these seven suggestions will guarantee you’ll get the most for your time and money. Read this article to discover what you can do.

Having Trouble Predicting the Future? No Problem, It Comes Again in a Minute Or So!

Predicting the Future is not easy, nevertheless, the more you do it the better you get. Where many new futurists make mistakes is that they try to predict too far into the future and when they do they make mistakes. Sometimes very big ones; take the popular book MegaTrends for instance, it sold millions of copies and prepared everyone for a new millennium, one which never actually happened as you know.

Are All Psychics Fakes?

There are quite a lot of psychics out there these days. From TV psychics, to psychic telephone numbers you can ring, to psychics you can visit and get a personal 1-to-1 reading from. But do genuine psychics actually exist, or are they all just fakes?

Credible Psychic Readings – AMAZING! How to Get a Mind Blowing Reading Online (No Bunk!)

Unfortunately, that was my experience as well….until I learned a pretty simple, but straightforward lesson: most readers, online OR off, are simply not credible. And not only are they NOT credible, most are not really “psychic” or sensitive at all! A costly lesson for sure….but one I’m sure glad I learned when I did!

The 7 Luckiest Tarot Cards to Receive in a Reading

Which are the luckiest Tarot cards in the deck? This article picks out the cards you should look out for in a tarot card reading as the best omens of good fortune.

STOP! 3 Rules to Get an ACCURATE Psychic Reading (Say NO to Fakes, Phonies and Frauds)

In this article we are going to talk about some super easy ways to get an accurate psychic reading. Now, it’s really important to understand that in our view, it’s actually EASIER to get ripped off, or totally disappointed when getting a reading than it is to be happy, satisfied and impressed! Why is that? Because I personally don’t think the quality of readers is that great anymore….and most people simply DON’T know what they’re looking for when calling in.

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