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Psychics and Mediums – Who Are They

What do you think about psychics and mediums? Just because you cannot spot a psychic or medium walking down the street doesn’t mean they don’t exist or work. So I want to help you to realise these…

Practical Mind Tools – How to Do the Fake Mind Reading Trick

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Your subconscious mind digests a huge amount of information about your environment all day long. Here’s a fun game you can play to prove to yourself or others just how easy it is to read another person without requiring any weird mind skills or psychic ability.

You Are Very Lucky Or Very Psychic

Psychic mediums have various powers which are distinct and simply matchless with the others. They help in connecting with the spirits to send their messages to those close to them and thus help fulfilling their last wishes. Similarly the psychic mediums give you their psychic readings for your questions that can vary to any extent. They also have the power to trace over various people by simply feeling their energy levels and thus finding their current existence.

Tarot and the Flat Earth Society

People are willing to believe things that others tell them,but they are not willing to explore for themselves and find information and make up their own minds. That is why there are still so many people that are afraid of tarot cards. We were given minds to explore with, but we often hand that powerful tool over to other people rather than use it ourselves…

Psychics, Pregnancy, Past Lives, and Career – Four Frequently Asked Questions of Psychics

Although love life tends to be the most popular topic, some of the most common questions asked of psychics involve four main areas. Pregnancy, career, past lives, and developing psychic abilities are toward the top of the list. Helpful feedback from two psychics is included below.

Need Tips For Developing Your Psychic Abilities

It is believed that all people have psychic abilities within them. But of all the people, these abilities surface in the active form in only a few people, while they remain in the dormant state for the entire life in the others.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Psychic Tarot Reading

Since time immemorial, tarot cards have been used all through the Western world. In some countries it has been used to play parlour games but in most it has become a tool to be used for the foretelling of future. Closely resembling the normal playing cards (but differing widely in some respects), the tarot deck has evolved and grown through the years. The reading of tarot cards is very subjective and takes a lifetime of practice to master.

How to Charge Your Crystals

It is very important to make sure your crystal is charged to be able to gain the full benefit from it. Recharging your crystals at regular intervals keeps them working effectively. Once you have charged your crystal it is best not to let anyone else touch them. You should charge your crystals during the waxing moon when natural energies are growing with the increasing moonlight.

Real Psychic Readings – The Quickest Way to Tell If a Psychic is Real (A Must Know)

Okay, so you want to learn more about real psychic readings, right? Many of you reading this right now already believe in the truth of psychic abilities and phenomena, yet, find yourselves disappointed and frustrated with the experiences you have had thus far in exploring the paranormal path overall.

Do You See What I See?

I can’t board a plane without first checking the auras of the other passengers. That is because of a story I heard years ago about Edgar Cayce, who is the most documented intuitive and psychic of the 20th century.

Everyone Wants to Know How Does Telepathy Work?

People who are wondering how does telepathy work need to understand that there is no one universal definition to this question. As telepathy is not wholeheartedly embraced by the scientific community it has not been placed under the same rigorous testing as other natural phenomena.

How to Do Mental Telepathy

What exactly is mental telepathy? Before we can give serious consideration to how to do mental telepathy, we first have to determine exactly what mental telepathy is.

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