LIBRA – ‘NEEDING ANSWERS IN REGARDS TO THE PAST?’ – October 2021 ‘He Said/She Said’ Tarot Reading

LIBRA - 'NEEDING ANSWERS IN REGARDS TO THE PAST?' - October 2021 'He Said/She Said' Tarot Reading

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Using Psy Cards For Spiritual Guidance

Psy cards are often used as a tool to do card readings and are generally believed to be easier to understand than traditional tarot cards. PSY cards are a deck of 40 intuitive cards illustrated by Maggie Kneen. Each card has an image and a name.

Reading Tarot Cards Intuitively

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Over the years there has been a growing interest and curiosity in alternate lifestyles, religions and spirituality. More and more people are seeking spiritual support & counseling to resolve issues within their lives or to look for guidance and direction. Taking comfort from the belief that we are not alone on our journey through life and that if we have a little hope and faith we will find the strength and courage within ourselves to navigate our way through life’s obstacles.

Examining Psychic Powers in Science – The Power Of The Paranormal In The Lab

In this article we are going to take a quick look at the marriage of science and psi, or the process of studying psychic phenomenon under the microscope of serious intellectual inquiry, rather than for entertainment value alone. For most of us, psychic phenomena simply serves a side dish of silly, fun and a daily diversion from the seriousness of our own lives.

Making the Cards Work For You – Choosing the Tarot Deck That Taps Your Greatest Potential

How does the wannabe Tarot reader get started mastering Tarot cards? Dive in and discover your perfect Tarot deck!

The Current Life Spread – A Non Traditional Detailed Tarot Spread

The current life spread is a efficient spread to know precisely about the current life situation and the querent or a particular person, his ambitions or mental state, desire of his heart or emotional state, his physical needs, his emotional needs , his ultimate needs , his ultimate desires, the ultimate possibility, the ultimate obstacle and the ultimate outcome. This spread is of the non traditional type.

Ethics Of A Psychic

No one Really delves into the Ethics for a Working Psychic. This Article covers some of the Ethical approaches one must have when conducting a Psychic Reading for a Client.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Crystals Can be Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Yes, crystals, minerals and stones can balance out your body systems. They are live living energy pieces of mother earth and they resonate with your body energies to bring balance and many times relief from physical, mental and spiritual conditions.

Can Your Dog Read Your Mind? Take the Test and Find Out Now

I know, it sounds like a strange question, right? Well, if you’ve been following some of the fascinating experiments taking place over the last few years, you may not think so. The science of psychical research has moved from the laboratory to the Labrador in recent experiments designed to explore the potential that our pets may be far more intuitively connected to ourselves than we might have previously believed!

You Just Received a Reading – What Next?

It has become more acceptable for people to seek out psychics, mediums and paranormal experiences. Often ethical questions surface after consulting professional readers and practitioners. How does a person sort it all out? How do you determine who is “for real” and who is a wannabe, or worse a fake? How much reader information is the right amount to influence your decisions?

Numerology – Life Challenge Number

In Numerology, numerologists use 3 individual numbers to represent the life challenges. These numbers interpretations represent the obstacles, hurdles and difficulties that you will face during certain phases of your life. The First Number is the Early Challenge Number.

Psychic Energy

Psychic energy use a part of all us and our combined psychic energy is very powerful indeed. Scientists are using new technology to unravel the many mysteries that our psychic energy holds.

How To Cast Love Spells That Really Work – Casting Powerful And Effective Home Made Spells

You might have read tall promises from many a witch or wizard of casting powerful and effective love spells to instantly realize your wish. But not all spells would bring you the desired effect. The problem is not with the spells but how they are being cast. The effect of spells and its utility is purely a personal experience that no one would like to share with others. Thus it makes it difficult for one to seek the opinion from some one who had a personal experience.

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Everything You Need To Run Your Online Business For Free - Get Your Free Lifetime Account Now